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The statements from “Ammochostos”

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 Οι δηλoσεισ α&pi ;το «Αμμoχωστος»

Read what Vladitsa Petrovic and Alexis Garpozis said after the end of the match between AEZ and AEL.

Petrovic: “A heavy defeat for us again. It's a big score compared to what we showed. I think we had a penalty at 0-0 but it didn't happen. We had possession and chances in the second half. The counterattack came and the 4-0 but also the red card. We don't have three of our stoppers and good players who play in the center have to go back. We had some attempts, but some players in our team, I think, are not even for the second category. Today I saw some phases and we will see who can play so that we don't have such results. We still have a way to play hard”

Garpozis: “I will not say much respecting the opponent who is facing his own problems. What we didn't put in the previous games we did today. We were not as good creatively as in the other games but this time we scored goals. Our goal from the beginning is to play with dignity in Group B. To have a basic trunk and to manage some children in the right way. It is not right for 5,6,7 children to enter as it happened in previous years and now we don't even know where these children are. It is well managed because these children have help from the most experienced. They feel supported not only by the technical team but also by the most experienced. We will continue like this and put others in the games. This win is dedicated to our goalkeeper Miguel Oliveira who lost his grandmother yesterday. We support him”

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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