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The step-by-step process of combating infectious-dangerous mosquitoes in Larnaca (pics)

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Βorμα-βorμα η διαδ&iota ;κασΙα καταπολΕμησης μολυσματ&iota ;κoν-επικiνδυνων κουνουπιoν στη Λαρνακα (pics)

The process is underway by the Health Service to combat the infectious mosquitoes that appeared in Larnaca and Limassol – House-to-house update in Larnaca – 3 thousand houses inspected – See images

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The campaign to combat the infectious of mosquitoes in Larnaca on the part of the State Health Services.

Speaking to the Media, the Deputy Head of Health Services, Herodotos Herodotou noted that the workshop is currently in the area of ​​Tsiakkileros. “Today one of our crews is taking action. We will see how he approaches the houses, how he talks to the public, how he informs the public, gives the necessary leaflets”.

  • Aedes albopictus: A new species of dangerous mosquito this time in Limassol
  • Dangerous Aedes aegypti mosquitoes were also detected in the center of Larnaca 

Next, as Mr. Herodotou explained, a survey is made in the yard of the house to determine if there are any mosquito breeding sites. “We show these outbreaks to the world so that they know what we mean by outbreaks and how mosquitoes grow inside and then these outbreaks are destroyed and we go to the next house,” he said. door to door inspected approximately three thousand houses by setting traps and insect traps. “We demarcate the area and then the tables are made which are given to each workshop separately with the area they must cover per day. They have a booklet with them where they note every house they went to and what they found so that we know where the most serious problem is,” added Mr. Herodotou.

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