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The strategy and action plan for people with autism is ready, says Yf. Welfare

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    World Autism Awareness Day was established in 2007 by a decision of the UN General Assembly

    The Deputy Ministry of Social Welfare has completed the process of drawing up the Strategy and Action Plan for people with autism and next week will submit them to the Council of Ministers for approval, said the Deputy Minister of Social Welfare Marilena Evangelou at an event for World Autism Awareness Day held on Tuesday.

    The Deputy Minister represented the First Lady, Philippa Karsera, under whose auspices the march for the World Autism Awareness and Awareness Day “Light it Up Blue” was set up in Nicosia, which started from the House of Representatives and ended in Liberty Square .

    In her greeting, she said that World Autism Awareness Day was established in 2007 by a decision of the UN General Assembly and is celebrated every year on April 2. The purpose of this initiative is to raise public awareness of the needs of people with autism, thus contributing to their acceptance and integration in society.

    “It is commonly accepted that autism diagnoses are increasing, a phenomenon which is observed internationally, but also in our country, just as people with autism, as well as their families, have specific needs, but also challenges, which require specialized handling, said Ms. Evangelou.

    It is for this reason, he added, that the Deputy Ministry of Social Welfare decided to draw up the first National Strategy and National Action Plan for people with autism, separate from other disabilities, which will cover all issues that affect the lives of people with autism throughout their lifetime.

    “Today I am pleased to report that the Deputy Ministry has completed the process of drawing up the Strategy and the Action Plan and that next week it will be submitted to the Council of Ministers for approval,”, he noted.

    Through 53 actions that are summarized in seven pillars concerning research, diagnosis, health and therapeutic intervention, education, social protection and independent living, work, but also participation in entertainment, culture and society, goal is to ensure the rights of people with autism as equal members of society and to improve their quality of life through reform and additional actions, always within the framework of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, continued the Deputy Minister.

    He noted that the general strategic goal for the five-year period 2024-2028 is to provide services and support to children and adults for social participation and integration to the greatest extent possible in all aspects and stages of their lives.

    Already, he said, the Center for Family Intervention and Support for Autism “Aktida” is successfully operating in Cyprus, implemented within the framework of the European program THALEIA 2021-2027, at a cost of half a million euros, which provides specialized services to children with preschool autism age, as well as to their families throughout Cyprus.

    Among the services offered are home education and support for the family and the child immediately after the diagnosis, as well as psychological and social support addressed to all family members, he said.

    In addition, Mrs. Evangelou said that the Deputy Ministry of Social Welfare, through the State Support Plans managed by the Social Welfare Services, supports the efforts of Non-Governmental Organizations in the provision of Social Care.

    “In this context, we have built a valuable partnership with the Association for People with Autism, which operates on a Cyprus-wide basis six Adult Centers, three Counseling Centers and two Child Protection and Employment Centers with a grant of 1.3 million. ”, he said.

    Tackling any form of discrimination, the equal participation of people with disabilities, including people with autism in society, their integration, the implementation of those policies and actions that ensure their rights, “are high on the priorities of the Christodoulidis Government and are the duty of the Deputy Ministry of Social Welfare,' the Deputy Minister underlined.

    “It is for this reason that we promote the creation of a new, modern Legislation for people with disabilities, listening to the needs and challenges of all groups of people with disabilities,”, she continued.

    Mr. Evangelou congratulated the Pancypriot Association for People with Autism for the work it carries out over time and for the love with which it surrounds its actions, but mainly the people with autism themselves, noting that the Government will continue to support their efforts , but also to strengthen the policies for a social State that helps both people with autism and their families.

    The Deputy Ministry of Social Welfare participated this year in the World Information and Awareness Day for Autism and was enlightened in blue, like the Presidential Palace, as part of the “Light it up Blue” event, where hundreds of buildings and historical monuments of various countries are illuminated with the blue color of autism, which symbolizes the color of the sky and the sea.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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