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The stress over the mandatory pre-primary legislation was also waiting for him

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Στο περλμενε κ ;αι το Αγχος για τη νομοθεσΙα της &upsilon ;ποχρεωτικorς προδημοτικorς

Controversies continue over the legislation regarding compulsory education in pre-primary.

The President of POED and the President of the Association of Private Preschool Education crossed swords and opinions in Mesimeri and Kati for the issue that concerns hundreds of parents and those involved in recent days.

“Children have the right to attend any school they want”, this was the position of the POED. "In this context, it is also the right of the child who wishes to study in a public school, to have this possibility. Here was our main disagreement. If this had been adopted from the beginning by the Ministry, in 2019 (when plans were being made for the downward expansion of compulsory pre-primary education), we would certainly not be at this point today, said Myria Vassiliou.

"No one disputes the social or educational benefits of this legislation. The Parliament did not accept the impeachment of the PtD and we await the final decision of the PtD. We are awaiting the President's decision.

We note with regret that the Ministry, on New Year's Eve, issued an announcement that endangered and stressed parents and those involved.

We note a Ministry that provokes and this makes us uncomfortable,'' he noted.

"The POED colleagues and everyone must understand that both private kindergartens and parents have the right to choose where they will take their children. they cannot deprive a parent of this right, of choosing where their children will study.

There are so many foreign language schools in Cyprus. Will all these parents be forced to take their children to public school?

This is unconstitutional, it cannot be passed and I am sorry that this is not understood by the deputies”, said Lavra Herakleous on behalf of the Private Preschool.

“How is it possible to insist that all children from 4 and above should go to the public and not the private ones, because it suits them and will create jobs?», he asked.

«The Prosecutor has given his opinion, we are sure that the President will report to the Court. An end must immediately be put to all this disturbance they have caused. We hope to finish the matter before Monday when they will open”, said Ms. Herakleous.

The President of the POED expressed regret for what Ms. Herakleous said in the meantime, who said that Ms. Herakleous did not he understood the essence of the Organization's position. Quite the opposite, we asked for the right to choose the parent, as is the case today. With reference to what is said that we are asking for it for trade union reasons, we say yes in case such legislation is passed, it is understood that if it is done in the right way there will be further needs for expansion and recruitment, noted the President of POED.

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