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The submission of applications for installments to the TKA has started again

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The submission of applications for installments to the TKA has started again

Adamos Adamou

Those who did not manage to apply until September 20 for their inclusion in the plan for the settlement of overdue social debts have another four months now.

The Council of Ministers at its meeting yesterday “taking into account that the four-month period for submitting applications for regulation of overdue social contributions has passed, decided to extend the possibility of submitting relevant applications until February 26, 2022”. Almost immediately after, the relevant decision of the Minister of Labor was published in the official newspaper of the Republic together with the relevant application that the interested parties are invited to fill in electronically until February 26.

According to the plan and the instructions accompanying the relevant application, in case the applicant chooses to pay the due contributions in a lump sum, he is released from the obligation of the entire additional fee imposed in relation to these contributions. In case the overdue debts are repaid in less than 54 monthly installments, you are released 1/54 of the amount of the additional fee for each month paid earlier than the 54 installments (eg if you repay your debts in 24 installments you are released 30/54 of the total amount of the additional fee). The extension in the submission of applications was made after a relevant request of the Labor Committee of the Parliament which was welcomed by the Minister of Labor and the government. As the Minister recently stated before the Parliament, until September 20, when the deadline for submitting applications expired, there were 4,577 applications, which are being examined. She also reminded that for the plan implemented in 2016, the applications had exceeded 8 thousand, noting that based on the then regulation, more than 58 million euros have been collected so far.

It is noted that the plan, in addition to the facilities it provides for the repayment of overdue social contributions, also stipulates that those who join a regulation and for the duration of it, the HCA will not take legal action against them and that in case criminal charges have been filed against them. , they may be suspended with the approval of the Attorney General. In addition, for those pending imprisonment or arrest warrants, these may also be suspended again by the relevant actions of the Attorney General.

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