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The TAE of Nicosia at the offices of EDEK

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The way for the Legal Service is taken by the case of the register of members of EDEK, and specifically the complaint that it was in the hands of an unauthorized person.

According to a competent independent source of information , the examinations of the Police, namely of the Nicosia Crime Investigation Department, are in their final stage and the file with the investigative work will be completed soon.

Therefore, within the next 24 hours, the content of the police examinations will be forwarded to the Legal Service, which has the final say, as it will judge whether criminal offenses occur.

Last Monday (14/03) At around 01:00, an investigator from the Nicosia TAE went to the offices of EDEK and received statements from the party president Marino Sizopoulos and the general director of the Movement Morfakis Solomonidis.

the complaint about “theft of the register of members of the Movement by an unauthorized person”.

“About theft…”

The allegations made to the Police “target” a police officer, a former member of Marinos Sizopoulos's guard, but also Michalis Terepeis, who, being publicly appointed last summer as the secretary of the Central Committee of EDEK and a member of the credentials committee, had speaks (with detailed reports) of falsification of the register of members, leaving clear tips for the party president Marino Sizopoulos.

The latter, for his part, had returned fire and had blamed Mr. Terepei for the crimes. At a provincial conference in Nicosia in early October, Sizopoulos said bluntly: “The register remains under the legal responsibility of the party president. In addition to the theft of the register, there was also falsification/forgery, just to create a problem in the party. Someone who stole the register, and someone who committed forgery, hitting and dragging the party to court. “

Visual material of the session

In the context of the complaint made by Mr. Solomonidis about the theft, visual material has also been submitted, in which, according to the complainants, a session of the Politburo of EDEK is recorded and contains testimonies of members of that party body, which leave two persons exposed on the issue of the register of members.


“P” contacted yesterday the president of EDEK Marino Sizopoulos, who confirmed that a complaint was made about the register of members by the director of the Movement Morfakis Solomonidis, as well as that deposits were given last Monday at TAE Lefko >

An attempt was also made to contact Mr. Solomonidis, who did not answer our phone call.

Initiative Group

The mutual accusations about the issue of the register that led to the courts of EDEK executives, however, continue. It is indicative that the day before yesterday the Initiative Group for Salvation and Reorganization of EDEK, issued a statement. Through their written statement, the members of the group state that they are forced to come back and call on Marinos Sizopoulos to “recover” and “take on his responsibilities”. As they state, “neither the time nor the opportunities provided to him seem willing to use to stop the slump and return EDEK to a course of salvation.” The group calls on Mr. Sizopoulos to “proceed with the minimum required to stop the slump” and more specifically to restore the register of party members “by removing any irregularities he has added and restoring those he has arbitrarily removed and, based on this register, to convene a democratic congress that will lead EDEK to the new course “. “Only in this way will we reverse the catastrophic slip and restore unity and democratic functioning in EDEK”, the Group notes in its announcement.

Source: politis.com.cy

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