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The tendency to challenge traditional parties has increased

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The tendency to challenge traditional parties has increased

Nikoletta Kouroussi

Bad lies, relatively few things change in the composition of the new Parliament, after the day before yesterday's elections. However, observing in detail the data shows signs of change, in the way in which the voters were placed, which, however, for various reasons and mainly due to the electoral system, are not reflected in the composition of the Parliament.

At first, bipartisanship appears weakened, with both parties losing tens of thousands of voters in a decade. Specifically, DISY lost 39,354 voters in a decade, while AKEL lost a total of 52,258 voters. At the same time, DIKO lost 23,368 votes in a decade.

The tendency to question is also shown by the fact that one third of the registered voters turned their backs on the elections, expressing their disrepute in the system, while 13% of those who went to the polls were surprised by increasing the percentages of ELAM and giving the ticket to DIPA to attend parliament.

It is noteworthy that another 15% of voters have preferred newly formed formations and independent candidates, who due to the fact that they did not exceed the level of the electoral measure, are not represented in Parliament, with what this means for proportionality and democracy. . Typical are the cases of parties such as the United Cypriot Hunters Movement, which managed to collect more than 11 thousand votes nationwide, but with a percentage of around 3.3% reached the threshold of Parliament and failed to enter. The newly formed party of Change of Generation, the party of Anna Theologos, also remains outside the Parliament, which secured 10095 votes with a percentage of 2.82% and failed to secure a seat.

Thus, the result of the change of the electoral measure to the 3.6% that DISY and AKEL voted for 6 years ago was particularly felt in these elections. This, however, should have already been realized by the emerging parties, which had to find coherent elements and come up with a comprehensive proposal to the voters, because good ideas and romance, but without realism, for better or worse, the any objectives…

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