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The TEPAK Budget was voted unanimously by the Plenary Session of the Parliament

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The Plenary Session of the Parliament unanimously approved the annual Budget of the Cyprus University of Technology for 2022, which is balanced and provides expenditures of € 73,937,954 and revenues of the same amount.

According to the proposal of the Education Committee, the revenues of TEPAK come from the government sponsorship (€ 42,000,000), the undergraduate tuition fees (€ 7,300,000), from fees/tuition fees and other rights (€ 958,610, from the exploitation of property ( € 200,000), from funding for external research or other programs/projects (€ 19,000,000), from contributions, donations, grants, bequests, etc. (€ 2,000,000), from funding for the provision of state scholarships to beneficiaries (€ 150,000), from the financing of structural programs and plans (€ 500,000), from the provision of credits for gratuities/lump sum from the public and wider public sector-public ratio (€ 329,344) and from revenues from management fees (€ 1,000,000).

During his speeches, the MPs underlined the important role played by the public universities in the country, as places of academic research and education, as well as nuclei of attracting research programs from abroad, and assured their support to both TEPAK and University of Cyprus.

Taking the floor, ELAM MP Linos Papagiannis said that despite the support for the TEPAK budget, it is considered “unjustified and unthinkable to separate about 25% of students from the right to physical presence at the University, on the grounds that they have not been vaccinated “. He added that those who have missed classes should have no further problems.

EDEK MP Andreas Apostolou said that the support of both public universities in the country is necessary, because “they offer high quality public education”. He stressed, however, that the Universities also contribute to the development of all regions of the country and welcomed the expansion of TEPAK with the operation of the School of Tourism in Paphos, but also with the agreement with the Municipality of Larnaca for the development of postgraduate programs.

< p>DIKO MP, Chrysanthos Savvidis, recognized benefits “beneficial to the economy” from both public universities, with the retention of students in the country, with the development of infrastructure and expansion of TEPAK in other cities, but also by attracting research programs. He said, however, that the high salaries of academics “are a challenge to the world and perhaps academics should think of a maximum pay.”

“TEPAK is on a very good path”, said the Member of Parliament and Secretary General of AKEL, Stefanos Stefanou, adding that “it plays a leading role in the creation of a European University of Technology, there is a continuous streamlining effort, which is reflected in the budget, ». As a serious problem of the University, he mentioned his effort to keep its buildings in the center of Limassol, “something that admittedly gave a significant boost to the city,” as he said. Finally, he mentioned that there are gaps in student care, due to the lack of student dormitories, especially in Limassol, where high rents are observed.

DISY MP, Prodromos Alabritis, welcomed the announcement of TEPAK for the operation of a school in Paphos, as well as the intention for postgraduate programs in Larnaca. He pointed out that “it is absolutely necessary to continue the development plan of public universities, to meet the needs of society and the connection with the labor market.” He also highlighted the internationalization of universities, with programs in other languages.

Source: KYPE

Source: politis.com.cy

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