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The testimony of the 15-year-old Syrian who was denied a high school diploma by the principal – “I want to be a Cypriot”

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Η μαρτυρλα το&upsilon ; 15χρονου Σyρου στον οποΙο αρνorθηκ&epsilon ο διευθυντorς το απολυτorριο – «Θe&lambda ;ω να ελμαι Κυπραλος»

The student from Syria, who was the recipient of racist behavior from the principal of a secondary school in Larnaca and whose haircut was considered provocative by the high school teacher, spoke to Phileleftheros about the reasons why he wanted to go on stage to receive his diploma.< /p>

It is recalled that the principal in question did not allow six students, because of their hair, to receive a diploma, during the official process of the graduation ceremony. This angered parents present, one of whom spoke to Citizen 107.6 and 97.6 in the morning. According to the parents' complaints, there was tension in the area, as a result of which the Police were called, while the ceremony was interrupted. very”

As the 15-year-old stated, due to the health problems of his parents, whom he accompanied to the hospital since they do not speak Greek, he was forced to make many absences from school and was finally allowed to take exams in the second series. He had to, he says, get at least a 10 in all the subjects he took to graduate.

“I read a lot in the last few weeks and I wanted to succeed. I got history and biology 19 out of 20, physics and chemistry 17, Greek 15 and mathematics 13. The teachers told me “well done, while we were waiting, you made us very happy. That's why I wanted to go up and get a high school diploma, because I struggled a lot. I wanted to go out for the public to see me, for the teachers to see me, for my parents to see me, because they didn't expect me to pass,” said the student.

Continuing, he said that on Tuesday morning, he went to the school and helped set up the stage and chairs for the graduation ceremony but things took a different turn. “At some point the director came, saw us helping and said, 'you won't go on stage tonight because of your hair.'”

On the night of the graduation, the 15-year-old had gone normally at school like the other five students who were “cut” due to haircuts.

“I went on stage because I felt a great injustice towards me and my classmates. The assistant came and was trying to get me down. The parents all got up and were trying to protect me”.

In closing, he spoke about his dream, which is to acquire Cypriot citizenship. “To tell you the truth, I feel like a Cypriot. I want to join the army in Cyprus. I want to wake up one morning and be a Cypriot, not to be afraid that things might change for refugees and they might expel me”.

The… provocative haircut of 15 year old

Η μα ρτυρΙα του 15χρονου Σyρου στον οπο ο αρνorθηκε ο διευθυντorς το απολυ τorριο – «Θeλω να εiμαι Κυπραiος» /></p>
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