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The time of alliances for Christodoulidis – 4 pillars of principles

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The first round of dialogue with civil society has been completed for Nikos Christodoulidis. After the announcement of his candidacy and the formation of the framework of the basic principles of positions of his vision that are based on man, Nikos Christodoulidis enters from the depths of the pre-election period from tomorrow. The week that begins marks the new cycle of contacts and dialogue for Nikos Christodoulidis. A course that includes a series of meetings with social partners, parties, social groups and political figures. At this stage, it is time for alliances for Nikos Christodoulidis, with those who share with him, the same vision and share the concerns for a new beginning, while aiming at the clarity of the independence of his candidacy. & Nbsp;

At this stage, according to sources from the staff of Nikos Christodoulidis, the candidate enters a new level of dialogue, during which he will inform organized groups about the basic principles of his positions, as they have been formed through what he heard and recorded by the citizens themselves in the first round of dialogue. In all the previous months, before the announcement of his candidacy, as noted by people from his environment, Nikos Christodoulidis had plowed the whole of Cyprus, listening to the citizens themselves conveying their concerns for a better quality of life and a more optimistic tomorrow. “This course and this vision focus on the man himself. “With this methodology we have formed the basic principles of our positions and on this basis we will build our program with indicative proposals for their implementation”, note the same sources from the candidate's environment.

Tomorrow Nikos Christodoulidis will meet at 4:00 pm with the Environmental Movement and an hour later, at 5:00 pm he will go through the door of the Democratic Party offices, in a meeting which gathers the most journalistic interest, waiting and of party decisions for the presidential election. Next Thursday, June 9, he will have a meeting with the SEC guild. A meeting that was high on the agenda of the candidate and which was the first one that “locked”, as reported by the information. The cycle of meetings with the unions includes a few days later the DEOK, while the priorities are the arrangement of a meeting with the PEO and other workers' unions. On June 9, a meeting with EDEK is also included. A meeting which is also of particular interest in view of the party's decisions, while a meeting is expected to be settled in the near future with the Democratic Party. The circle of contacts on June 15 also includes the union of banking employees of ETYK, while on the same day it will meet with the CCCI to hear the positions of the business world.

According to sources from the staff of Nikos Christodoulidis, in this circle of contacts, the candidate wants to present his positions and views as they are included in the text of the basic principles of his vision, divided into four pillars with the priorities for each pillar. . Indicative proposals for their implementation will be included for each pillar and priority. In other words, the objectives of each priority are mentioned, as well as the ways of its implementation. The aim of this circle of contacts, as they note, is for Nikos Christodoulidis to listen to the positions, to work out their own proposals and to reach a complete governance program by the autumn.

In the coming days, meetings will be held with various political figures, such as former Presidents of the Republic, former Speakers of Parliament, former ministers and former members of parliament and MEPs.

Principles do not change… & nbsp; >

What is emphasized by the staff of Nikos Christodoulidis is that the basic framework of principles can not be changed. A message to virtually everyone that the basic philosophy of this independent course, which includes the outcome of the candidate's dialogue with civil society, is not going to change. A key position that indirectly but clearly answers the question of whether there will be a basis or a framework for cooperation with parties that will support his candidacy. “We are open to submitting proposals for the implementation of the objectives set out in the basic position principles. But these positions are not going to change. We will present our positions and how we implement them “, note sources from the candidate's environment. & Nbsp;

The second round of dialogue again includes civil society, this time in wider gatherings and meet in communities and provinces listening to and recording the needs of citizens.

Staff with volunteers

Nikos Christodoulidis continues his course towards the elections without a communication specialist after the termination of the cooperation with George Flessas. He, together with his close group of collaborators that he trusts, will march towards the elections, having next to them a large number of volunteers, on whom the campaign of Nikos Christoudoulidis will be organized. The registration of the volunteers is done through its website and their number reached 800 a few days ago and the total number exceeded one thousand. The volunteers will be utilized in the organizational part according to the needs. In the near future, offices are expected to open in all provinces, which will be staffed with a number of volunteers. Each province will be divided into regions and there will be groups of people who will work on a group basis, without a leader.

Citizens' line

On the website of Nikos Christodoulidis, as mentioned by sources from the candidate's staff, every citizen will soon be able to submit in writing his positions and suggestions on the issues that concern him. “We want to follow a humanitarian approach and positions that will have as a philosophy how to better serve people in their daily lives. But the important thing is that the man himself determines this line of the path on which the four axes of the basic principles of Nikos Christodoulidis move “, note the same sources.

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The 4 pillars of authority

The basic principles of Nikos Christodoulidis's positions include four pillars. Under each pillar there are priorities as defined. Teams of experts, scientists, technocrats, academics and professionals work out the program and its implementation schedules in each policy area.

Human Pillar

Includes priorities for upgrading the quality of life and better service of everyday life such as:

Access to Quality Health Services for All and All

Anthropocentric Education and Culture Promotion for the Citizens of Tomorrow

Equal Opportunities for All and All/Welfare State

Investing in the Future

Immigration – Dealing Effectively – Turning Challenge into Opportunity

Pillar State

Includes priorities for:


State Reconstruction and & nbsp;

Catalyst in Digital Transformation

Priorities aimed at strengthening democracy, combating corruption by strengthening transparency and accountability mechanisms, and promoting reforms.

Pillar of operations

The priority of this pillar is the & nbsp; creation of a sustainable innovative Economy that aims to address accuracy through a new model of economic growth. It also aims to develop existing sectors of the economy but also to support new sectors. Priorities also include the Green and Digital Transition across the product base phase, utilizing the Recovery and Durability Plan.

Planet Pillar

On this pillar includes the priority for a clean Environment with policies aimed at its protection. Another priority is for Cyprus to become a strong Partner in Europe and the World through active and effective diplomacy, by strengthening tripartite and multilateral cooperation. A priority is also a united Cyprus, with initiatives for the resumption of negotiations that will lead to the settlement of the Cyprus problem. The last priority is clean energy with the main directions of the energy strategy, the opening of the internal electricity market and the introduction of simplified procedures for producers and suppliers of RES and natural gas. At the same time, the promotion of clean transport and the utilization of hydrocarbons as a transitional energy source until the country's transition to green energy.

Source: www.philenews.com

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