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Saturday, December 2, 2023

The time of the examination is being changed so as not to be affected by the general strike – The Ministry of Education announcement

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Changes to the time of the written assessment on Thursday due to the general strike that would take place at that time, the Ministry of Education announced, so that the students are not affected and it has completed at the time of the strike.

As for the operation of the high schools, as announced by Prodromos Prodromou, this must inevitably end at the time of the start of the strike, at 12 noon and therefore the students will go to school earlier.

“Following a related question raised in a letter from the Confederation of Secondary Education Parents' Federations, I would like to share publicly the response given by the Ministry regarding the declaration of a strike next Thursday, January 26, 2023 by the teachers' unions. Based on what has been announced, any strike would affect written exams in high schools, as well as the high school program. The Directorate of Secondary Education of the Ministry of Education, Sports and Youth has agreed to changes in the schedule of the written assessment that would take place at that time so that the students would not be affected and it would be completed at the time of the strike”.

As the Minister of Education mentioned, “as far as the operation of the high schools is concerned, this must inevitably end at the time of the start of the strike, at 12 noon, and therefore the students will go to school earlier. At the same time, however, I would like to personally observe that the announced strike causes an impression and some concern. Of course, there is no room for debate and the right of workers to have claims and to proceed, if necessary, even to strike, is indisputable. Given this principled position, it is still paradoxical that we hear today that the indexation of wages, ATA, is being claimed by a government which has already restored it – even partially – after the previous administration had been forced to abolish it and agreements are still being made to expand it. It is even more questionable how, just ten days before the elections, an attempt is made to exert pressure through a strike. Just as the President of the Republic himself put it yesterday, the question arises: Who is being pressured by such a strike?”.

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