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The “time of truth” for TA reform – Today the final decisions

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The final decisions regarding the bills that will be led for voting in the Plenary Session regarding the Local Government Reform, are expected to be taken today, Monday, by the Parliamentary Interior Committee, after a long period of discussion of the issue by the current and previous Parliament.

The consideration of the approximately 85 amendments submitted by the parties, which were considered in previous sessions, is expected to be completed.

The Committee on Home Affairs has suggested that the bill be put to a vote by the Plenary on Thursday, February 24, with a request to the Meeting of Leaders that there be no prospect or possibility of postponing the issues.

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The thorny issues that are expected to be clarified in Monday's session are the issue of mergers and agglomerations of municipalities and communities, whether or not to hold referendums on the reform and issues related to the way of electing deputy mayors. Also, as the Chairman of the Committee, Aristos Damianou, stated after last Thursday's meeting, a scenario was set for a possible increase in the number of Municipal Councilors, which is being discussed.

He also expressed the assessment that the large volume of amendments has been covered and the basic provisions of the Bills have been clarified, while all open issues will be resolved or taken in the form of Amendments to the Plenary Session of the Parliament.

According to statements made in the previous days by MPs, DISY is in favor of the creation of 17 municipalities while it considers that the holding of referendums overturns the reform of local government.

AKEL considers, among other things, that the provision should remain as it is today in the Bill, for conducting local referendums as well as the table with the number of Municipalities, provided in the Bill, for 18 new formations of Municipalities, plus 2 pre-existing ones.

DIKO had expressed satisfaction with the adoption of the party's proposals by the Interior Committee in the text that will be taken to the Plenary and regarding a proposal for the creation of a Municipal Department in Agia Fyla. At the same time, he expressed satisfaction with the positive approach for the establishment of an Independent Authority of Service Issues, with responsibility for the recruitment, promotion, promotion of Municipal and Community Employees.

ELAM expresses as a general philosophy the view that the local self-government should not lose direct contact with the citizen and that huge municipalities should not be created in which the citizen is lost.

EDEK is in favor of holding local referendums.

DIPA developed its scenario for 14 municipalities, while saying that it is open for a smaller number, noting that the party favors fewer municipalities and more community complexes.

The Movement of Ecologists – Citizens' Cooperation has submitted an amendment for the creation of the municipality of Akama, consisting of Pegeia and some of the villages in the area, which are directly related to the National Park and the Natura area.

It is noted that in order to vote on the local government reform, the Parliament agreed to postpone local elections scheduled for last December, while extending the term of the existing local mayors until May 2024.

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