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The tourism promotion of Cyprus from New York is starting strongly

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Contacts of the Deputy Minister of Tourism in Washington and New York to promote Cyprus in America

The first exploratory trip to America with the aim the collection of information and the promotion of Cyprus was carried out by the Deputy Minister of Tourism Savvas Perdios, who in his statements at the KYPE spoke of a positive first impression.

The Deputy Minister held meetings in Washington and New York with Cypriot expatriates and travel organizations with the aim of promoting the new image and identity of Cyprus tourism.

Speaking at KYPE, he referred to the meetings he held and his goals Undersecretary to penetrate the American market.

“Important meetings were held with ASTA (American Society of Travel Advisors), ATTA (Adventure, Travel Trade Association) and USTOA (United States Tour Operators Association)”, he said.

These three links, he added, “are of great importance to us, because they have a significant number of members who are active in the tourism industry and can open the door to America for us and help us in turn slowly develop this great market.”

Mr. Perdios noted that the advantage with these partnerships is that “they will help us penetrate the American market.” He also explained that “the priority is the greater New York area, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. There we will take our first steps”.

As the Deputy Minister also pointed out, the well-known American cruise company “Royal Caribbean” has already opened a regional office for the Eastern Mediterranean in Cyprus, which will contribute to creating recognition in the US market.

At the end of the last event in Astoria, New York, the Deputy Minister stated to KYPE that he gained positive impressions from this first trip to approach the American market.

“Our first impression is positive. But what we hold above all is that the Americans, who are well-traveled people, are looking for something new, something different in Europe. The fact that Cyprus is now taking its first steps in this market is positive. This way we will be able to present Cyprus as something new and something different”, he said.

The event took place in a well-known restaurant in Astoria, in the presence of many representatives of the Cypriot community and expatriates.

Speaking to the expatriates shortly before the presentation on the tourism promotion of Cyprus, Mr. Perdios referred to their decision to emigrate to build a new life away from their families and their own people. “That's something I respect a lot because I'm a refugee myself. Your role is also very important. You are our ambassadors in America and that is why it is important that you are here tonight”, he said.

source: KYPE

Source: 24h.com.cy

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