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The Turkish Foreign Minister and the “foreign minister” in the occupied territories for the Borrell statements about Varosi

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The Turkish Foreign Minister and the

According to the GTP, the statement issued last night states that Borrell's statement, “which is invalid does not apply to us, was made only in the name of EU solidarity and does not serve the interests of Greece and “Greek Cypriot administration in southern Cyprus is taking advantage of its veto power in the EU. With this stance, the EU can not be able to play any positive role in resolving the Cyprus issue.”

The Turkish Foreign Minister expresses full support for the pseudo-state's decision on the issue of Varos. “These decisions are aimed at protecting the rights of property owners in Varos. “As President Erdogan has stated, these decisions are not intended to cause further harm but to overcome the existing harm.”

He calls on “on this occasion once again the EU” to realize the realities on the island and to end its policy that ignores the Turkish Cypriots and their acquired rights. “

The “foreign ministry” also issued a statement last night on Borrell's statements about Varosi, stating that they have shown once again that the EU does not want to be impartial in the Cyprus issue.

Mr. Borel, it is added, again made a statement in support of the “Greek Cypriot administration of southern Cyprus”, as the Republic of Cyprus is called, and reiterates that the enclosed area of Varos is a territory of the pseudo-state and “like any state, so is ours. the state exercises absolute sovereignty over its own territories “.

“Like our decision to remove part of the regime from the military zone, our decisions in the future will be taken, without any doubt, showing absolute respect for property rights,” the “sub” adds.

There is no moral influence left in the crises of the EU officials who continue their unconditional support on the e / k side, he continues characterizing in vain and against the will of the “people”, Borrell's reference to the Security Council resolutions of the United Nations, which have now become a “remnant of the past,” he says.

The T / C “people” has made its decision in relation to the solution model of the Cyprus problem, reports the “sub”. This decision is based on respect, the sovereign equality of the pseudo-state and its equal international status, he added. “The EU will realize this sooner or later.”

He stressed that “we are determined to protect our legal rights and interests together with our motherland Turkey against the threatening statements of the EU, which even ignores the existence of the Turkish Cypriot people.”

Source: KYPE

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Source: politis.com.cy

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