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The Turks asked the US to “kill” the “Amaltia”, but they were given a red light

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Οι Τούρκοι ζorτη&sigma αν απo ΗΠΑ να  «σκοτoσουν» την «&Alpha ;μαλθεια», αλλα τους αναψαν κοκκι&nu ;ο

Ankara tried and continues to try to neutralize the sea corridor for transporting humanitarian aid, “Amalthia”, from Larnaca to Gaza. And this is because it was designed by the Republic of Cyprus and because the occupying power was left out of the equation. According to reliable information, the Turkish Foreign Minister, Hakan Fidan, asked his American counterpart, Anthony Blinken, when they met in early March in Washington, to prevent the implementation of this plan.

The Turkish official reportedly argued for an hour on the issue while at the same time the issue was raised by his successor at MIT, Ibrahim Kalin, who also visited Washington with Fidan.

The meeting between the two Foreign Ministers had taken place in the framework of the US-Turkey strategic mechanism and as can be deduced from the result, Washington did not accept the urgings of the occupying power to stop the planning for the humanitarian corridor. Washington, as is well known, supported the initiative of the Republic of Cyprus and its interventions also determined the implementation of the “Amalthia” project. lies to convince Arab governmentsthat weapons and ammunition are transported from Cyprus to Israel. At the same time, they have tried to create a climate, according to which there was a risk that the ships would carry back the Palestinians who would want to leave Gaza. It is recalled that the Turkish foreign minister, in his speech to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation, in Saudi Arabia, at the beginning of March (before the trip to the USA), had claimed, referring to Cyprus, that “today, an island in the middle of the Mediterranean, right across fromGaza, has become a supply base for weapons and ammunition for Israel. This island continues to serve this purpose under the guise of serving as a humanitarian center for the people of Gaza. We have to watch out for such countries. We must also monitor whether our decision not to sell arms to Israel is being implemented.”

Neither one lie, nor the other, was adopted by the interlocutors on the Turkish side.That is why, although the pressure at the diplomatic level was not abandoned, in the last few days another method has been employed. Using non-governmental organizations, which are organs of the Turkish state, it was announced that the agency “Foundation for Humanitarian Aid” (IHH), will transport aid to Gaza. The Foundation unveiled two new ships that will carry aid “directly to the Gaza Strip.” When and how they will be transferred was not known. The question that arises is how will aid get to Gaza when Israel has lifted the blockade only from Larnaca? According to estimates, Turkey wants to create an issue, for Israel to react, with the ultimate goal of stopping all aid to Gaza. And this from Cyprus. Although this seems remote in view of the fact that “Amalthia” has been embraced by almost all countries, by the United Nations and the European Union.

The normalization of relations with the USA< /p>

It is clear that steps have been taken towards normalizing relations United States-Turkey. Although suspicion remains on both sides. The Americans believe that the sanctions against Russia are being circumvented through Turkey. This, the Americans believe, also affects the course of the war in Ukraine. At the same time, both the US and key players in the European Union believe that immediate steps should be taken in relation to the Ukrainian in view of the elections, next November, in the US and the possibility of Donald Trump winning. Such a development will affect Washington's attitude on this front.

So, despite the suspicion and reservations that exist on both sides, the Americans are making moves to approach Ankara and the Turkish side responds immediately.

As it became known, on May 9 the Turkish President will go to the USA to meet his American counterpart, Joe Biden. The appointment was made during Fidan's visit to Washington and is about the… gift to Ankara, after Sweden and Finland joined NATO, while the Americans also appreciate the fact that “normalization of Greek-Turkish relations” has begun. This will be Erdogan's first official trip to the White House since the election of Biden and from there and as mentioned high on the agenda will be the process of supplying F-16s to Turkey. The occupying side wants to speed up the process for obvious reasons.

The upgrading of Turkey

It is a period, however, during which Turkey is constantly upgrading. And this is done using the tool of selling weapons. With the arms trade, it creates relations of dependence with the buyer states.

But, at the same time, it seems that in Ankara's clientele the Americans will also be found. The American Bloomberg reported that the US is buying 166,000 mortars from Turkey, which will probably be sent to Ukraine! fronts.

The role of Cyprus

It is clear that the situation is also favorable for the Republic of Cyprus. Mainly after the “Amalthia” project. The adoption of this initiative became known after many attempts and its emergence as one of the routes for the transfer of humanitarian aid to the Palestinians, gave points to Nicosia. The primary goal is to help the Palestinians, who are threatened with starvation. At the same time, this initiative proved that Cyprus can get along with all the states in the region, because it is acceptable. After all, apart from the fact that it has won their trust, it is a small country and cannot pose a threat. This allows it to play a role and highlight its geopolitical importance.

The Turks have designed and are implementing an arrogant vision!

Two issues are strategically posed by Ankara , linked to its expansive vision, the vision of the “Blue Homeland”, the “Century of Turkey”. The first and main goal is its emergence as a major regional power in the wider region with a significant increase in its influence. Strategic control is a priority for the possession side. The second pursuit is“the protection of the Muslim lands” as it is well known, he ardently promotes this goal, which in passing disturbs Arab countries. It is clear that while it is focused on the region and its control is a priority, at the same time what seems to be in the plans and is being implemented to a large extent is its spread to as many regions of the planet as possible. And in Asia, Africa, the Balkans, the Caucasus…

Turkish Foreign Minister Hakan Fidan, in a speech delivered during a dinner after the prayer (İftar), developing his country's strategy said, among other things, that Turkey will continue to safeguard its national sovereignty in ' the whole world. And he explained how he means it: “Think about the geopolitical developments that concern our region and even the whole world. What do the issues related to our survival have in common in the Eastern Mediterranean,the case of Cyprus, the crisis in Syria, the war in Gaza, the fallout from Ukraine and energy lines? All of this is closely related to this geography, of which Adana (s.s. in this city the speech took place) is also a part. That is why the steps we have taken under the leadership of our President to strengthen the security system are quite important.” The Turkish official added that despite the difficult conditions, Turkey is making efforts to achieve peace(!) in Ukraine, Gaza, South Caucasus, Iraq, Libya and the Balkans and additionally efforts to safeguard of their survival and that of Muslims all over the world. Continuing, Fidan said that Turkey, with a strategic perspective, laid the foundation of its first nuclear power plant in Akkuyu with the aim of its energy security. This is a description of an arrogant and over-the-top vision, which they nevertheless planned to achieve.

Source: www.philenews.com

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