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The underworld communicates-Rival factions, but with good cooperation

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The underworld communicates-Rival factions, but with good cooperation

Wearing a bulletproof vest, handcuffs and accompanied by armed police officers, Elias Mouzos entered the hall of the Limassol District Court yesterday morning, through the internally controlled entrance connected to the court detention centers. The 38-year-old's lawyer did not object to the renewal of his client's detention order for another six days, in connection with the attempted murder against the two police officers, which was committed on May 5 in Ypsonas, as well as for two related cases. Mouzos admitted that he was the one who opened fire on the police, while he confessed that on January 22 he kidnapped, beat and threatened a 27-year-old and then, on February 19, he shot at his house, always with background cases related to disputes arising from the dispute. drugs.

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He also allegedly named the three arrested for placing an explosive device, on Christmas day, in the vehicle of the mother of the mayor of Paphos. Mouzos' relationship with them has been clarified. Although they were members of an opposing faction, he cooperated with them, supplying them with materials for the manufacture of explosive devices. So far 115 deposits have been received and another 55 deposits remain to be received, six investigations have been carried out and two more will be done, while closed monitoring circuits are being examined and the scientific examinations are expected to be completed, as well as the disclosure of telecommunication data and bank accounts. , as well as the others who are in custody for the case. It is recalled that on Tuesday the detention order was renewed for another eight days, of Efthyvoulos Georgis from Paphos and a 35-year-old Bulgarian, who was with Mouzos in the vehicle from where the shots were fired.

The mobster of Moniatis

The sweeping investigations to fight organized crime, after the bloody incident in Ypsonas, continued yesterday. The police are targeting people from the underworld, whose homes are being searched in turn. One of the people arrested is a 40-year-old man, who has repeatedly worked for the Police in the past.

In 2015, he was seriously injured while constructing explosive devices on the roof of a Turkish Cypriot house in Moniati, while in 2011 he was found in possession of weapons and drugs and had been arrested for attempted destruction of property in Larnaca.

A search of his home and car turned up and confiscated 25,900 euros in cash, a bat, a hood, a folding knife, a digital recorder and four CCTV cameras. He is being investigated, among other things, for money laundering, while yesterday he was brought before the Limassol District Court, where a six-day detention order was issued against him.

Besides, yesterday the TAE Limassol arrested a 28-year-old man, in whose possession the amount of 4 thousand euros was found, a DOKO without a license, as well as cameras that record in public space. A 48-year-old man was also arrested in connection with a case of illegal possession of property and possession of antiquities. In his possession was found the amount of 35,000 euros, a DOKO without a license and two clay pots.

Source: politis.com.cy

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