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The Union of Actors complains about the censorship of a children's show by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the removal of an expletive

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Announcement from the Actors Union – Complains to the Ministry of Education for censorship of a children's show – Claims that a certain line was removed

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Censorship by the Ministry of Education complains the Union of Actors in a children's show.

As reported in a related announcement, the Ministry of Education decided to “censor a line from the children's show “Around the World in 80 Days''”.

It notes that the line about which was intervened by the Ministry of Education concerned the question “can a boy love another boy and a girl another girl?” it's for school students the specific line has been removed. We were informed that the audio in question, in combination with other complaints of a similar type, led the Evaluation Committee of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to re-evaluate the performance for which it had already given approval and ultimately to censor it”, the Actors' Union notes, among other things, in its announcement.< /p>

Source: cyprustimes.com

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