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The unions of Limassol are happy with the meeting with Fr. Anastasiadis – The stadium ικά will normally be handed over with fewer seats

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The unions of Limassol are happy with the meeting with Fr. Anastasiadis - The stadium ικά will normally be handed over with fewer seats

The President of the Republic Mr. Nikos Anastasiadis chaired today, at the Presidential Palace, a meeting with the presidents of the Limassol, Apollo, AEL and Aris Associations, with the participation of the president and the general director of KOA, said in a written statement the Government Spokesman .

“During the meeting,” he stressed, “the issue regarding the capacity of the new Limassol stadium was discussed at length and it was confirmed that the stadium is being completed as planned, without any deviation in terms of area and capacity.”

“The presidents of the three clubs,” says Mr. Pelekanos, “expressed their willingness to follow the new non-binding recommendations of UEFA, regarding the issue of safety and comfort of spectators, which in fact leads to reduction of available seats “.

“We remind you,” he says, “that the original plan provided for 12,600 seats, while with the layout that takes place after the suggestion of the teams, the number of available seats will reach 10,300.”

“During the meeting,” he notes, “it was confirmed that the work is proceeding normally and the stage is expected to be delivered on August 25, as scheduled on the basis of the schedules that had been set.”

Satisfied unions

In the meantime, in a joint statement, the unions Apollon, AEL and Aris Limassol, expressed “their special satisfaction for the productive meeting with the President of the Republic, as well as for the personal interest he shows for the completion of the Limassol Stadium”.

“In this context”, they add, “we welcome the fact that, according to the relevant information we received, the Stadium is expected to be completed within the set schedule, namely the 25th of August 2022.

“In addition”, they continue, “we informed that based on the scenario chosen by the Clubs, which took into account the 2018 recommendations of UEFA, but also based on the safety and comfort of the fans, the final capacity of the Stadium, without, of course, to limit its area, it will amount to 10,300 seats, which is considered absolutely satisfactory “.

“Once again”, they conclude, “we express our warm thanks to the President of the Republic for his decisive contribution to the construction of a modern stadium, a jewel not only for the city of Limassol but also for the whole of Cyprus.”

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Source: politis.com.cy

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