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The United Nations has moved the barriers to the Cetinkaya stadium, according to the media.

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The United Nations has moved the obstacles they had placed to access the Cetinkaya stadium in the dead zone from the association's offices on the bastion, writes the Cypriot Postasi website, publishing relevant photos.  

In the publication it is noted that the actions of the peacekeeping force caused a lot of reactions in the last days in the occupied territories. The action of the UN was also condemned by the “prime minister”, Unal Ustel, who is mentioned, saying that the “hypex” took the necessary actions on the matter.

Jeni Duzen reports on the same issue that the Turkish side requests that there be access to the stadium directly from the occupied territories, which the UN considers a violation of the status quo of the demilitarized zone, noting that the crossings must be made from the crossing points .

In his statement to the newspaper, Alim Siddiq, UNFICYP's press representative said that “as in the past, access to the stadium is only allowed through the barricades. In this way violations of the line are prevented and the dead zone is protected, Mr. Siddique added to Jeni Duzen, according to the publication. the UN

In a social media post yesterday, the UK Youth Football Association argued that the UN's use of barbed wire and concrete blocks to prevent Turkish Cypriot youth from playing at one of their historic stadiums – Taksim – was an example of they are in Cyprus only to create problems, to discriminate against the Turkish Cypriots and to appease the Greek Cypriot administration.

“Although Taksim Stadium is located next to the buffer zone, it has belonged to Cetinkaya for more than 93 years (1930). It is an absolute shame that after the renovation of the stadium, the United Nations is now trying to stop the Turkish Cypriot youth from playing football. Turkish Cypriots are already experiencing an inhumane embargo on their right to representation. They are denied participation in global sporting events which is a basic human right!”, they write.

Britain's Turkish Youth Organization adds that this action is against everything the UN is supposed to stand for. They also express support for the statements made on the matter by “yupex”, the authorities of the pseudo-state and the Turkish football federation. “This is inhumane and really shows us the mentality of both the Greek Cypriot administration and the UN. They want to cut us off so much that our youth can't play football,” claimed Britain's t/c youth.

In its response on Twitter, UNFICYP wrote: “No you are wrong. Access to the playing field is only allowed through the crossing points, as in the past. We are committed to working with both sides to facilitate civilian access to the buffer zone while ensuring that violations are prevented and the status of the buffer zone protected.”

Tatar Adviser

Serkan Ilseven, “chairman” of the “culture and art committee” in the Turkish Cypriot leader's office claimed that the United Nations is causing damage to the city walls. “Such mindless, uninformed interventions are unfortunately destroying and damaging the city walls that have stood since the 16th century.” While the UNDP, he added, recommends that nothing be planted within 3 meters of the city walls and that they not be watered, at the same time, placing metal on the walls with cutting and piercing tools creates a serious contradiction.

This attitude of the UN is not in line with their vision, nor with their mission in Cyprus, argued the CG of the CEE, Oguzhan Hasipoglou, telling the  Turkish channel Ulusal TV that there is no legal basis for the attitude of the UN and “they must know that they are operating within the territories of the tsvk and that they are obliged to consult with the state of the tsvk.  And that they are obliged to remove this barbed wire”.

Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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