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The US cancels Nasrallah for Cyprus

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Ο ιΠβουσσρι την Κyπρο

The position of the United States on the threats of Hassan Nasrallah came to highlight once again the level of cooperation that its relations with Cyprus are at. Diplomatic circles in Nicosia note the importance of a US response at this time.

Hezbollah's threats are extremely counterproductive, said US State Department spokesman Matthew Miller. , during the press briefing in Washington, referring to the threats launched by Hassan Nasrallah, towards Cyprus.

“Obviously these comments are extremely counterproductive and Hezbollah should stop making threats against anyone and our preference would be for Hezbollah to pursue a diplomatic solution, it is the most productive,” he said. p>

Matthew Miller added that “certainly threats to other countries that are not at all involved in this (Israel-Hezbollah) conflict is not a productive step for them». According to the US State Department spokesman, Nasrallah's speech was not discussed at the recent meeting between the US and Cypriot foreign ministers because it had not yet taken place.

Matthew Miller addressed the meeting of US foreign ministers. – Cyprus emphasizing that “she was incredibly productive”. “It was an incredibly productive meeting. The Foreign Minister thanked the government of Cyprus for all the work it has done to facilitate the delivery of humanitarian aid to the people of Gaza. And I just want to point that out again, that Cyprus has really played a key role as a staging ground for the delivery of humanitarian aid that reaches Gaza, that helps innocent Palestinians, that helps innocent Palestinians have food,” he noted.

< p>In Nicosia, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Konstantinos Kombosspeaking after the meeting with the Foreign Minister of the Philippines, Enrique Manalo, he said that Cyprus has made it clear repeatedly that the threats and statements of the Hezbollah leader are not substantiated and that our country has not and will not carry out any kind of military activities against of any country in our region, against any country that is a victim of military attacks.

“Cyprus has nothing to do with this, so we consider the whole discussion to be baseless. We have been trying repeatedlyover the last few months to offer support to the people in Gaza, in cooperation with a number of other countries, with the UN, so we are equally surprised by what was said because they have no real application to what Cyprus did or what Cyprus represents,” he said.

Mr. Kombos said that “all the necessary moves have been made and we have taken all the necessary diplomatic measures” and referred to the positions of the authorities of Lebanon, the EU, Greece, the US and other countries expressing their support and solidarity. “Therefore this is the situation at the moment and we are working to ensure the interests of the Republic of Cyprus and its people“, he said.

Meanwhile, AKEL with its announcement the reason for the threats Nasrallah stressed that the party's firm position is that Cyprus should be a bridge of peace and cooperation and not a base of war or a training ground for foreign armies. AKEL demands that the government show a decisive attitude towards the British government in relation to the involvement of British bases in military operations in the region.

The first reactions to the strategic dialogue agreement between Cyprus and the United States were noted in the occupied territories. States. The “president of the parliament” of the occupying regime, Zorlou Torre, referred (GTP source) to the information about the creation of a helicopter base and expressed his concern, while noting that such an action would serve no other purpose than to disturb the atmosphere of calm  and stability in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Source: www.philenews.com

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