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The US will “pursue” migrant smugglers in the Darien jungle

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<p><strong>The State Department is offering up to $8 million for any information leading to the arrest of traffickers in Darien, especially leaders of the Colombian Clan del Golfo gang</strong></p>
<p>The <strong>US</strong> government announced on Tuesday 11/06 the strengthening of its efforts to combat the trafficking of <strong>migrants</strong> through the<strong>jungle</strong> of Darien, on the Colombia-Panama border, through which tens of thousands pass each year immigrants who want to reach the US territory.</p>
<p>For this purpose, the US Departments of Justice and Homeland Security have announced that they are expanding the range of specialized anti-trafficking units in this vast, inhospitable region.</p>
<p>This unit was created in 2021 and has been operating already in Central American countries, including Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador and Mexico.</p>
<p>“With today's announcement, we're expanding our law enforcement efforts in Darien — one of the world's most dangerous migration routes — and putting programs like those that brought down drug lords to pursue human traffickers,” he said. Lisa Monaco, the deputy attorney general, said in a press release released in Washington.</p>
<p>“To those who traffic through Darien, know this: the U.S. government will be after you,” she said.</p>
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<p>At the same time, the State Department announced that it was offering up to $8 million for any information that would lead to the arrest of traffickers in Darien, especially leaders of the Colombian Clan del Golfo gang.</p>
<p>Darien, a 266-kilometer border zone that separates the Colombia and Panama, has become in recent years a part of the route that migrants from South America take in their attempt to reach the US through Central America and Mexico.</p>
<p>The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF) announced in mid-May that more than 30,000 children crossed the inhospitable jungle during the first four months of 2024, a 40% increase compared to the same period last year. .</p>
<p>Some 2.8 million illegal immigrants enter the US every year. In the midst of an election year, immigration has become a central campaign issue, with Republican candidate Donald Trump accusing Democratic President Joe Biden of facilitating what he calls an “invasion” of immigrants.</p><source srcset=

Source: 24h.com.cy

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