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The use of the State Fair is a matter for the Government – The Municipality has no objection to it becoming only a park

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<p data-block-key=The prospect of the total conversion of the State Exhibition area only into a forest/park (without any building construction within the area) is a matter that concerns the Government as the owner of the area and in such a decision of the Government the municipal council of Engomi will maintain a positive attitude and will cooperate with every competent body, says in a statement issued on Monday by the Municipality of Engomi, regarding the utilization of the space of the International State Exhibition.

According to the Municipality, the Project Team that was set up with the aim of preparing a comprehensive proposal, which should also include a spatial plan study for the best way to utilize the State Exhibition space, concluded that the preferred possible options for the optimal use of the space are creation of an innovation zone and/or the creation of an entrepreneurship zone/exhibition spaces and decided on the assignment to Consultants/Experts of a sustainability study and spatial planning study, to evaluate the options in question and qualify the most suitable scenario for the space. Regarding the proposed development, the researchers recommended that it be implemented gradually in 3 phases, with a time horizon of 14 years.

It is noted that the total area of ​​the State Exhibitions Authority is 250 thousand square meters, with the study suggesting that the total buildable area should rise to 83 thousand square meters, with 167 thousand square meters. to be provided as open spaces for social gatherings, parks, greenery, playgrounds, etc.

Given that a public proposal is often made for the conversion of the entire space, all 250 thousand sq.m. in a national park/forest (without any structurable proposed development), the Municipality of Engomi clarifies that according to the study of the project team, a defining element in the General Spatial Plan is the public park and the public square. According to the presented study, a park was already planned with the main purpose, as stated, of creating an important green lung for the area, making the best possible use of the mandatory public greenery for the functional, environmental, social and economic upgrade of the area under study and improving its connectivity with the immediate neighboring areas.

To this end, the announcement continues, its size and layout have been designed with the objective of creating as much green frontage as possible for the benefit of the new development, with a width sufficient to provide an abundance of social amenities and to accommodate multiple independent uses, such as playgrounds, places of assembly, entertainment, sports and events, etc.

It is added that the area of ​​the proposed park is 43 thousand square meters. and is comparable in scale to the Acropolis Park, or the Nicosia Municipal Garden which have an area of ​​approximately 35 thousand square meters, while the green space could be extended to 60 thousand square meters. Furthermore, as only 33% (82,680 sq m out of 250,586 sq m) will be covered by impervious materials, the largest percentage of development space is available for greening.

The Municipality of Engomi clarifies that the prospect of the total conversion of the State Exhibition area only into a forest/park (without any building construction within the area) is a matter that concerns the Government as the owner of the area and in such a decision of the Government, the municipal Engomi council will maintain a positive attitude and cooperate with every competent body, it is noted then and it is added that in the same way, the municipal council set from the first moment a series of terms and conditions so that in the eventuality that was put before it for the creation of an Innovation Zone in space to be dominated by greenery, sports/entertainment areas, social gathering, with as little concrete as possible and fewer buildings to be consistent with the all green environment and social gathering.

It is added that the Municipal Council determined that, one way or the other, the area of ​​250 thousand square meters covered by the State Fair must be dominated by social gathering, with parks, playgrounds, sports grounds, etc. for the residents of the west Nicosia and beyond.

The Municipal Council of Engomi also reiterates that, as a matter of duty, it has studied the proposed plan for the creation of an Innovation Zone and taking seriously the presence in the Municipality of Engomi of 20 thousand students studying at the two major universities in the region, it has unanimously decided that in today's difficult times such a center, from an economic point of view on the other hand, if the government decides to build it, it will primarily offer significant employment opportunities to the local young people.

It is added that at the same time, the city council of Engomi, with the unanimous decision of 17/5/2022, had also set clear terms/conditions for the development in question and had made it clear that it is not going to accept the creation of a bus terminal in the specific area, it consents to the zoning and creation of more green and sports areas and clearly milder developments in the construction of buildings, as well as the creation of a rainwater retention pond that will save the area from severe flooding, which will be landscaped to function simultaneously as a public park with social gathering spaces.

It is further noted that after the notified positions of the municipality of Engomi, the Project team in its final recommendations adopted, among other things, the recommendations of the Sustainability Study for the creation of an Innovation Zone and Business Zone, the adoption of the recommendations of the Spatial Planning Study.

He also advocates the integration of the rainwater retention pond in the project, which should function simultaneously as a public park and the integration of the surrounding area with appropriate landscaping, the transfer of the central, starting and terminal station to another area outside the city such as for example in the area of ​​Nicosia Mall, in view of the protests of the Municipality of Engomi to avoid causing further traffic, traffic congestion with the consequent effects on the environment, nuisance in the area and limitation in the design of the project, as well as the redesign of the proposed upgrade of Lefkotheou Avenue to a gentler traffic axis and lower speeds based on modern urban street design standards, ensuring a more attractive environment for comfortable and pleasant pedestrian movement with workshop possibilities between the uses of neighboring blocks.

The The Municipality of Engomi states that it is waiting for the Government to determine its final position on the issue. The Municipality has repeatedly announced that it is welcome by the government (as the owner of the State Exhibition site) and the holding of a relevant referendum with specific questions to the citizens of Engomi, concludes the announcement.

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