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The usual suspect…gets her in trouble

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New Salamina won 1-0 against Karmiotissa, who are in danger of getting into trouble

Ο συνorθης yποπτος… την β ζει σε μπελδες

With the well-known “suspect”, Nea Salamina returned to winning results with a 1-0 victory over Karmiotissa. The Varosi team had complete superiority throughout the match and thanks to Doregarai's goal at 22'… got the three points. With his goal, the Argentine reached 11 in the league and 15 with the shirt of the refugee team.

First half

The game started at a slow pace in “Ammochostos” with the home team having the initiative of the movements and the Polemide team waiting in their own half.

In the 12th minute, Doregarai opened the scoring for New Salamina. , however, after the intervention of the VAR, the goal was correctly disallowed, since the Argentinian forward was in an irregular position.

Two minutes later, Dimitris Koumis showed the white arrow in favor of Karmiotissa for an irregular marking by Leuko on El Alouhi. However, for the second time in a few minutes, VAR called the referee to On Field Review, with the Cypriot referee reversing his decision.

New Salamina continued to dominate and opened the scoring in the 22nd minute again with Doregarai! Ofori made a cross-shot from the right, with the Argentinian forward putting the projection into the heart of the opponent's area and writing 1-0.

Karmiotissa reacted and in the 33rd minute missed a good chance with Gravenberg's curling shot from inside the area going wide of Melissa's left crossbar.

In stoppage time in the 1st half, Bratou's team missed a great chance to level the match, with El Alouhi's fine diagonal shot forcing Melissa into an excellent save.

B half

The start of the second half was also slow, with Nea Salamina having the complete superiority and Karmiotissa “searching” inside the playing area.

In the 53rd minute, Tsiko found the back of the net for the Varosi team after a foul by Margasa, however the former was in a normal position and the goal did not count.

Fifteen minutes later, the visitors missed a big chance with Lukili's nice long shot forcing Melissa to push the ball into the corner with an overpowering effort.

In the 79th minute, things became even more difficult for the Polemidia team after Lukili saw a straight red card. The midfielder of Karmiotissa committed an unsportsmanlike act after a throw-in won by his team, he threw the ball in the face of Carlitos to then see the way to the dressing room.

In the last minutes, Bratou's team did not he was able to become a threat towards the opponent's goal and thus Nea Salamina got the three points.


Nea Salamina (Poursaitidis) : Melissas, Adonis, Datkovic, Miguelito (84' Mandzek), Chiko (89' Tolemes), Koumouris (89' Felipe), Carlitos (84' Thiago), Doregarai, Leuko, Margasa (71 Frankos), Ofori .

Karmiotissa (Bratou): Knobloch, Tselouska, Malone, El Alouhi (66' Koulibali), Kaltsas (55' Dubia), Grandinaro, Aggeli, Ben Salam (66' Neophytou), Gastanaya, Gravenberg (82' Duris), Lukili.

Scorer: 22' Doregarai/-

< strong>Yellows: – / 20' Grandinaro, 58' Gravenberg, 65' Aggeli

Reds: -/79' Lukili
< /strong>

Referee: Dimitris Koumis

VAR: Christoforou Marios

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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