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The village with the longest coastline

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Suggestion for an excursion to the “hidden” Agios Theodoros of Larnaca with the seaside instagrammable heart

Το χωριo με τη μεγαλyτερ η σε εκταση ακτογραμμor

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Paris Dimitriadis

It may sound strange to you because it is not at all touristic as a village, but if you enter Google Maps you will immediately find that it is true that Agios Theodoros Larnakas is the village with the longest coastline on the island. Specifically, it occupies 8.5 kilometers of beachfront and as many as its permanent residents there are as many holiday homes that have sprung up there.

Built on the banks of the Pentashinos river, it owes its name to the patron Saint to whom the village's magnificent church is dedicated. which the inhabitants moved to the village of Agios Theodoros.

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It is interesting to say that during the period of the Frankish occupation, Agios Theodoros was a very rich fiefdom, which was also true for the neighboring villages of Maroni, Alaminos and Kofinou, while during the Turkish occupation, the settlement was divided by the conquerors into estates and given to the Turkish officers of Lala-Mustafa and Piale Pasha.

The relocation from the village of Pentashino to Agios Theodoros was done gradually, due to the pirate raids. It should be mentioned that the two villages were inhabited at the same time and the reason that is assumed to have been the reason for the abandonment of Pentaschinos is the stagnant waters at the mouth of the river, which were hotbeds of malaria.

The chapel of Agios Athanasios is of historical interest, which according to tradition was of the Byzantine style and which today remains as an abandoned ruin. Worthy of mention is the fact that in excavations carried out in the area as recently as 2004, the Saint's tomb was found there, in which, however, instead of the Saint's bones, animal bones were found, which testifies that the Saint's bones were stolen.

The chapel of Panagia ton Asthakion which is built two kilometers outside the village, the chapel of Aghii Anargyri built in 1919, the chapel of Aghii Trion Paido & Prophet Daniel and the chapel of Agios Nikolaos built to the west of the village. However, what mainly fascinates visitors to the area is the unique coastal route that may not exist like it on the entire island.

No matter what time of the year you go, but especially during the winter months, a green carpet spreads along the entire route along the beach with the blossoms of the orange, mandarin and lemon trees seducing you with their genuine Mediterranean scents.

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