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The virus pushed Cypriot companies to export

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The virus pushed Cypriot companies to export

Adamos Adamou, Adamos Adamou

The pandemic seems to have given a boost to the extroversion of the Cypriot business, since several companies sought, due to the restrictions on the island, a way out to new markets, to mitigate their losses.

This is due to the significant increase in requests received by the Export Helpdesk Service of the Ministry of Energy, which, although established in 2015, actually began to move forward last year and after the outbreak of the pandemic. The Export Helpdesk (EHD) service is another tool of the Trade Service of the competent ministry, to strengthen Cypriot exports and attempts to connect Cypriot exporters with foreign importers, through the involvement of Cyprus Shopping Centers abroad.

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Speaking to “F”, the director of the Trade Service, Panagiota Patsalis, stated that since the establishment of the EHD service in 2015 until today, there have been 194 requests from Cypriot companies, for the use of this tool, which, as she added, began in essence to be hugged last year, apparently because of the pandemic. According to her, out of 194 applications, 71 were submitted in 2020 and another 50 this year.

This means that 62% of all applications were for last year and the first five months of 2021, which confirms the effort that seems to have been made to develop new markets due to the pandemic. According to Ms. Patsali, based on the requests, the Cypriot companies sought through the EHD importers from various countries, such as Germany, England, the UAE, the USA and Japan, in which they seem to want to penetrate enough wineries.


Source: www.philenews.com

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