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The weekend in Finikoudes will have a sambo match

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The weekend in Finikoudes will have a sambo match

The Finikoudes host the 1st World Coastal Sambo Championship!

The first in history World Coastal Sambo Championship will be held on the beach of Finikoudes in Larnaca, on August 28-29, organized by the World Federation (FIAS) and the Cyprus Sambo Federation. The event is under the auspices of the Municipality of Larnaca.

FIAS trusted Cyprus and our federation, another great event of the sport. Three months after the Pan-European Championship of Adolescents and Youth, which was held at “Spyros Kyprianou”, the eyes of the world sambo community will turn once again to our island.

After trial participations of the sport of beach sambo in continental events, FIAS proceeded to the creation of the World Men's Coastal Sambo Championship, with Cyprus hosting in the coming days about 130 athletes from 15 countries. The national teams from Russia and Ukraine come to Cyprus with full teams, while among the participating countries are several European ones, such as Greece and Serbia, but also athletes from distant countries, such as Cameroon, Costa Rica and Uzbekistan.

All missions will end up in hotels in Larnaca, thus strengthening the local tourism industry, in a particularly difficult period. It is worth noting that in 2021 the Cyprus Sambo Federation, through the undertaking of the above two international events, has contributed to the tourism industry of our country beyond 800 arrivals, with a few thousand nights, always following all the health protocols resulting from the dealing with the pandemic.

The weekend in Finikoudes will have a sambo match

The President of FIAS Mr. Vassily Sestakov, as well as the President of the European Sambo Federation Mr. Sergey Eliseev will be in our country these days.
Sponsors of the 1st World Coastal Sambo Championship are Rosneft, VTB, Geraklion and Ural Chem. The event in Finikoudes will be broadcast live in Russia, as well as in Cyprus, through Cytavision. For the purposes of television production, there is a group of 20 people on our island.

The program
On Saturday, August 28, at 17:00, the individual qualifiers will be held and at 19:00, the opening ceremony, with the finals of the categories. On Sunday the 29th of the month, at 17:00, the action in the team will begin. Unlike tatami sambo, in coastal sambo, the fight ends when the opponent falls on the sand. The “sudden death” in these cases makes the fights faster and more spectacular.

The sambo
Sambo is a dynamic war sport, with a history of over 100 years, since it was created in the early 1920s in the then Soviet Union. Today, around 120 countries from all continents belong to the power of FIAS, while the sport of sambo is on the calendar of the European Games of the EOC and the FISU World University. In 2018, the IOC granted Olympic recognition to the sport, a very important development for the sport, in its effort to be included in the Olympic program until the 2028 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

Organized by the World Federation (FIAS) and the Cyprus Sambo Federation, under the auspices of the Municipality of Larnaca.

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