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The workers at the General Hospital are ringing the bell – They have decided not to enter the Histopathology

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<p data-block-key=The trade unions PASYEK-PEO, OEKDY-SEK and PASYDY speak in their open letter to OKYpY about an “unsafe and dangerous environment for the health and safety of workers” at the Histopathology Laboratory of the University of Nicosia.< /p>

As reported, workers have decided not to enter the Histopathology lab from July 10, 2024 due to an unsafe and hazardous work environment. OKYpY despite the fact that it was warned 4 months ago has not taken any action as a result of which the workers are “exposed to chemical risk” it is added.

The Trade Unions, with their joint letters to the Central Administration of OKYpY in November 2023, repeatedly requested the immediate taking of measures to solve the problems faced by the Histopathology Laboratory at the Nicosia General Hospital.

4 months ago, it is noted, the technical services of OKYPY, as well as the Department of Labor Inspection, had prepared their own studies “where it was established the direct and indirect risk faced by the employees of the Laboratory”.

In particular, the letter states that the ventilation of the Laboratory is not sufficient since the extractors and ventilators do not work satisfactorily. This results, it is noted, in workers “being at chemical risk”, because laboratory processes require the use of volatile and toxic substances. Due to the unsatisfactory functioning of the ventilation, it is further stated, gases and fumes are released into the environment every day with unpleasant direct consequences for the workers such as burning of the eyes, dry eyes, coughing, dizziness and a bitter taste. It is pointed out that the chronic and cumulative effect of chemical substances can cause serious health problems for employees. 

Despite your commitments, it is stated in the letter to OKYpY, we regret to note that you have not proceeded to take any measure to correct the serious safety and health issues that occurred in the Histopathology Laboratory as a result of which the workers face daily risks since they are exposed to a dangerous and unsafe environment.

The guilds inform OKYpY that from Wednesday 10 July 2024 , employees employed in Histopathology will not enter to work in laboratories whose indications of independent studies conducted are dangerous to their safety and health.

Source: KYPE

Source: reporter.com.cy

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