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The workers at the port of Larnaca are on standby. “They are now thinking about their working future”

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    The workers at the port of Larnaca are on standby – “With yesterday's developments, the employees are surely now thinking about their working future”

    Employees are taking a wait-and-see attitude at port of Larnaca after yesterday's termination by the Government of the contract with the contractor company for the project of the integrated development of the city's port and marina, the General Secretary OMEPEGIE-SEK Charalambos Augusti and SEGDAMELIN-PEO stated to the Cyprus News Agency Nadia Kiritsi.

    As Charalambos Augusti reported to the Cyprus News Agency, Secretary General of OMEPEGIE-SEK “it was to be expected that there would be developments in the port of Larnaca and in recent meetings we had with the Ministers of Labor and Transport, we had asked them to take care of the workers at Kition, so that they would not become victims”.

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    With yesterday's developments, the workers are surely they are now thinking about their working future“, he said.

    He added that “yesterday morning we had a meeting with the Minister of Labor who assured us that both he and the Ministry of Transport will not victimize but will ensure the work of these people with the new employer status that will exist”.

    “Our intention is for the port to remain open, serving ships, both commercial and those included under the humanitarian corridor “Amalthia”, noted Mr. Augustis.

    He also stated that “on Thursday at 11 a.m., a meeting will be held at the Ministry of Labor and Social Insurance between the Minister Yiannis Panagiotou and the Minister of Transport, Communications and Works Alexis Vafeadis, the General Secretaries of the SEK and PEO Unions and the heads of the workers' unions to the port, so that we can be informed in which way the port will continue to work”.

    Mr. Augustis continued, “the way in which the workers will continue to work should be found, they are the most suitable, since they are the ones who have been working there for the last three years and are necessary for the smooth operation of the port”.

    Answering a related question, Charalambos Augusti said that “decisions to privatize the ports of Cyprus have been made for several years. We say that we want modern ports that serve our country because we are an island and ports are very important for our country”.

    However, he continued “we are not the ones responsible for judging the way the ports should work, better and more modern. Our aim and purpose is to have proper jobs for fellow citizens and workers” he said and added that “there should definitely be a control by the state because the ports are strategic points of entry into our country”.

    For her part, Nadia Kyritsi, General Secretary of SEGDAMELIN-PEO Larnaca stated that “the workers are in a waiting position for the developments that will follow in the matter of the port”.

    “There is the expressed will on the part of the government that the workers and the formula will be found to continue their work under the new conditions and their collective agreement and their labor rights,” he said.

    In response to a question, Ms. Kyritsis said that “it seems that the agreement made between the government and the contracting company Kition Ocean Holdings Ltd, is like two ships that exist in the port of Larnaca, one loaded with grain and one in the context of the humanitarian corridor” “Amalthia” will be unloaded by the workers”.

    “The workers in Kition are in their positions, the workers in the port are carrying out their own tasks and the rest are awaiting the developments from the relevant Ministries for the next day” , he added.

    To another question, he answered that “employees continue their work at the port as normal. What exists is normalcy in anticipation and determination that what the workers are entitled to, namely the collective agreement and their working conditions, will be claimed by the unions”.

    He also mentioned that “the fixed position of PEO is the ports are public wealth and must be under the management of the state”. “Certainly the economy and workers have much more to gain from a public regime than from a private one,” he concluded.

    Source: cyprustimes.com

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