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Theodoros Kyriakou (theologian) to Politis 107.6: “Let the holiday of Pagrati be lifted, otherwise we will address the world” (audio)

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Mr. Kyriakou stated that he has reached an agreement with Pagratios to raise the issue and give time to the Holy Synod to make decisions. “Otherwise,” he said, “we will address the people who adore and love him.”

As he explained, Pagratios Iraklis has been on holiday for 25 years. Since 1996. “We know very well”, he stressed, “how this man was exterminated, because he expressed his desire for the metropolitan throne of Morphou”.

“Initially,” he said, “Pagratios did not want to, but the Morphites suggested various cases, with the Archbishop being adamant because he wanted to place his own. received 96% and canceled the result “.

“Then,” he added, “they found out that the man has a thousand and two evils, while before it was fine and they put him on holiday.” He went on to say that he went on holiday with two charges. “The first charge,” he added, “turned out to be false.” Regarding the accusation of Pagrati's illness, Mr. Kyriakou said that there is no rule that puts a sick priest on holiday.

Asked why the issue of archbishopric elections is being raised now , Mr. Kyriakou replied that “at some point it had to be put”.

Ukrainian, Russian and archbishopric elections

Ukrainian is an element that will determine the archbishopric elections, due to the fact that the large community of Russians in Cyprus will be able to vote, as long as of course they live on the island for a year and are Orthodox Christians.

In fact, Mr. Kyriakou clarified that all Orthodox Christians of any nationality who have been in Cyprus for a year have the right to vote in the archbishopric elections. “They will be able,” he said, “to vote in the archdiocesan elections because they participate in worship and are active members of the Church.” 107.6 & amp; 97.6:

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Source: politis.com.cy

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