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There is also a crisis in the occupied territories for the restrictive measures

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There is also a crisis in the occupied territories for the restrictive measures

The confusion has turned into a crisis yesterday with the decisions first of the “cabinet” and then of the “committee of infectious / communicable diseases” of the “ministry of health” for the restrictive measures against the coronavirus.

The “ministerial” decided yesterday afternoon a curfew at night and not to reopen the schools from tonight and for a week, and the committee of the “ministry” with the announcements of its own measures at 11.15 pm, essentially declared a lockdown, without calls it, until January 31st.

This provoked strong reactions from both ordinary people through social media and politics, since the two bodies with his decisions caused confusion and confusion. The measures of the “cabinet” were published today in the “official newspaper of the state” and so from tonight the traffic ban is valid from 10 pm to 5 am, while the schools that were to open tomorrow after the winter break, will not restart.

The decisions of the Infectious Diseases Committee, if not published in the “official gazette”, do not apply and therefore require the approval of the “cabinet” which meets today in the presence of the “attorney general”. The “committee of infectious / communicable diseases” of the “ministry of health” has a separate session again.

T / C reports pointed out last night that the “Ministry of Health” and the competent committee of experts were waiting for two weeks, in contrast to the “government” which due to the non-approval of the budget and lack of resources, can not cope with the financial support for those affected by lockdown.

According to the “commissioner of administration”, the said committee of the “ministry of health” is responsible for “decrees” and decisions concerning public health, and the “ministerial” has jurisdiction only to approve them.

The Committee of Infectious Diseases of the “Ministry of Health” announced late last night the partial restriction of traffic. From tonight until midnight on January 31, it suspends the operation of the “public” except for the “police”, “fire brigade”, “civil aviation”, health services, the “electricity authority”, the “town halls”, the “Ministry of Finance” “, The” customs department “, and” departments “, which will be considered absolutely necessary but with the minimum staff.

The committee suspended the operation of businesses and services for the same period in the private sector, except for pharmacies, gas stations, bakeries and supermarkets. All entertainment centers, cinemas, bars, cafes, cafes, picnic areas, meeting places, gyms, stadiums, wedding halls, parties, places of worship, bookmakers, nightclubs, playgrounds will be closed until the end of January. cafes, beauty salons, hairdressers, barbershops, tattoo parlors, open markets, restaurants, patisseries (catering only with home delivery), exhibitions and libraries. Home visits and hospitality are also prohibited.

All group and individual training stops until January 31.

Those who have to leave the house should seek permission, as reported, from the “police” or the “provincial administrations”.

According to the decisions of the committee of the “Ministry of Health” those who live in the “north” and go to the “south” for treatment or medical monitoring should return negative PCR of the last 3 days and repeat it after 3 days and in the occupied territories.

For T / C workers in the free areas, crossings are made with mandatory quarantine, as well as for those who live in the “south” and work in the “north”, as mentioned.

Quarantine is also imposed on students in the free areas who live in the occupied areas, it is added, as well as those who live in the free areas and study in the occupied areas.

The primary and secondary schools in the occupied territories remain closed until 31 January. Nor can higher education work with lifelong learning.

Non-contact trade can continue through the Green Line Regulation.

The committee of the “Ministry of Health” states that only ambulances pass through the Limniti / Kato Pyrgos roadblock without quarantine.

It also states, among other things, that roadside assistance companies, internet services, private security companies, milk producers and distributors, citrus growers and packing plants, livestock and agriculture will operate.

For truck drivers from Turkey coming to the occupied areas by boat, a negative PCR of 72 hours will be requested and they will stay in the ports until the result of the second PCR comes out and is negative. They will have to unload and load to leave within 48 hours.

For the residents of Pyla and the employees in the Bases, in the dead zone, in the CMP but also the staff of UNFICYP, the EU and foreign diplomatic missions, the measures that were announced in the previous period apply and are extended until January 31st.

Source: www.philenews.com

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