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There is an urgent need to create a support program for student offenders – Under the supervision of the Ministry of Education

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<p data-block-key=The revelations that have come to light, regarding the complaints that are before the Parliament and have to do with the escalation of violence, delinquency and the use and trafficking of drugs within the school units, with the MPs and parents to wait for the implementation of the Government's commitments, which are aimed at alleviating the problem. At the same time, the proposal for a National Education Plan is back on the table, with Pavlos Mylonas, who is also the one who proposed it, throwing the gauntlet to the President of the Republic and asking him to open the dialogue, so that there can be change.

Complaints of sexual violence even in primary schools, as well as drug trafficking and use on school premises, have once again targeted the education sector , for the wrong reasons, with stakeholders calling for immediate measures to change the situation, given that there is no other option, since the picture is getting worse day by day.

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To this end, the members of the Education Committee of the Parliament , who were also the ones who opened the debate, have turned their sights to the Ministry of Education, which will implement what it pledged to do, such as the implementation of the 2021 legislation, under which an alternative teaching program will be offered to students who exhibit delinquent behavior.

“They will become support schools, for students who have serious delinquent behavior, are drug users or face other health problems, where they will be offered treatment and classes at the same time. When they are cured they will be evaluated by doctors and will return to their schools. Instead of locking up the children in the Central Prisons who will be convicted of criminal acts or in the psychiatric hospital because they have problems, the State itself will offer them alternative programs to help them”, the chairman of the Commission explained to REPORTER Education of the Parliament and MP of DIKO, Pavlos Mylonas.

The implementation of alternative study programs, for children who show serious delinquent behavior, will have a double objective, since on the one hand it will provide support to those students who need it and will not wander around the school grounds aimlessly and on the other hand it will give a breather to those students who were victims of bullying and assault.

“Not all problems will be solved, but it is a step. Also, we all need to realize that it's not just children without families who cause problems in schools. Many times there are children who are in families with parents physically present, but this does not mean that they are present. They don't have time to deal with their children, they are busy with their careers, they are busy with finding a way to survive, but one or both of them have to find the necessary time to be with their children. Children are sponges that imitate parents. If the father shouts and is violent, either at home or on the street, the child will imitate him. If the mother throws the cigarette butt or garbage on the street, so will the child”.

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Full Day Schools Must Be Expanded

Meanwhile, another way to change the image in schools, as Mr. Mylonas emphasizes, is also with the expansion of the institution of All-Day Schools, so that they are for all children, in all grades, in order to limit the time that children are forced to spend outside the home.

“This means that children who wake up at seven and do not have to constantly run to do the activities and tutorials, which they often go to on an empty stomach. This means more time will be given for the family to reunite and spend more time at home.”

It is noted that the attention of the parliamentarians and the agencies involved is also directed towards the Ministry of Justice and the Deputy Ministry of Social Welfare, which are responsible for implementing another aspect of the legislation, the creation of Day Centers in each province, for those children who need support, which will also function as custody centers.

“Essentially, if the legislation passed in 2021 were implemented, then the picture might be quite different from today. However, it is worth mentioning that the complaints that were published were like me too, such complaints started to be heard. We had several complaints about incidents in Primary Education as well”.

The National Education Plan again in the foreground

The discussion that has opened, has again brought to the surface another issue, which Mr. Mylonas had suggested. The creation of a National Education Plan, which will put all the bad things on the table, with the aim of making education functional. To this end he threw down the gauntlet to the President of the Republic, asking him to start the dialogue.

“It would be of great interest to hear the President of the Republic announce what he thinks a National Education Plan, for all the involved agencies to sit down, for experts to come from abroad, to make us a proposal to see how we will rebuild the system that has collapsed, to make our schools productive again. Political will is needed”.

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Source: reporter.com.cy

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