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There will be no formal negotiations in New York, Tatar says

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There will be no formal negotiations in New York, Tatar says

The Turkish Cypriot leader, according to reports and statements in the Turkish media, is preparing to move to New York, while reiterating his claims that “the two states” are a reality.

Cyprus writes that Turkish Cypriot leader Ersin Tatar has said he is scheduled to travel to New York in September during the UN General Assembly and that preparations are under way.

Speaking to the illegal TAK news agency, Mr. Tatar said UN official Jane Hall Luth was scheduled to visit the island in late August or early September for contacts.

According to the GTP, Mr. Tatar said that the meetings he will have in New York will be informal and that they will not be held in the form of formal negotiations, adding that there may be a bilateral meeting with President Anastasiadis or a tripartite meeting with participation of the UN Secretary General.

He said that “Foreign Minister” Thaksin Ertugrouloglou and his team will go to New York and will have the opportunity to meet with both the UN Secretary General and other officials. According to Tatar, they will also meet with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

“Our team is experienced and continues its work. He will be with us in addition to Ergun Olgun and Osman Ertug, who has been in New York for many years. Our representative in New York right now is Mehmet Dana. We also had a meeting with him here. “He is also monitoring the process now,” he added.

“Reality the two states”
Reiterating that the model of a two-state solution based on sovereign equality is now a reality, Mr. Tatar claimed that in Cyprus there are two separate peoples, two separate states, two separate regions and two separate democracies. He said in a recent interview with the Financial Times that he had never mentioned racism.

Mr. Tatar described as extremely important the statements made recently in Istanbul by Pakistani President Arif Alvi, who said that his country is next to the Turkish Cypriots and that they may have different languages and cultures, but they are a “people”. He also said that the Consul of Pakistan, who conveyed a message of solidarity, was present at the reception given in Istanbul on July 20 for the anniversary of the invasion of Cyprus.

“Morphou is important, it will not be returned”
Referring to his recent statements about occupied Morphou, Mr. Tatar said it was not the first time he had said Morfou would not back down and that he had said similar things every time he visited the region, either as a “member of parliament” or as a “member”. Minister “, or as President of the National Unity Party and” Prime Minister “.

“We have always defended Morphou. “It is an extremely important area for the TRNC,” he said.

“It is important for the country's economy, especially because of the water resources it has. It is of great value to us. Very large investments are being made in the region in relation to the water transfer project coming from Turkey. When the ongoing investments are completed, the water will flow through a tunnel from Panagra directly to the plains of Morphou. Everyone should now know that tdbk came at a different point. “Nothing is the same as before,” he added.

Citing statements by former Foreign Minister Nikos Rolandis, Mr. Tatar claimed that many opportunities were lost to resolve the Cyprus issue and that the Greek Cypriots had rejected proposals 16 times in the negotiations.

“The Annan Plan has been rejected. The table in Crans Montana overturned on us. Anastasiadis left the table and left, taking the map from Akindzi. He did not even accept the rotating presidency. This was on the agenda of the meetings in Geneva, and Turkish Foreign Minister Tsavousoglu said that “you did not even accept political equality”. Moreover, those who know know that political equality is a part of the federation. It is not open for discussion. In addition, those opportunities were lost because the proposals were always rejected, “he said.

“With the opening of Varos and the other actions we have taken, we are further strengthening the TRNC, because we are under embargo and isolation. While those in the south continue their way to the Republic of Cyprus. They arrived somewhere benefiting from the goods of recognition, direct flights and accession to the European Union. We on this side have been oppressed, we have been excluded. Therefore, we make the most of what we have. […] Despite the embargo and isolation, we are developing the economy here and making the most of the opportunities we have to provide prosperity and happiness to our people. “There will be no step back from that,” he added.

Referring to the reactions of the Greek Cypriots to the illegal visit of the Dutch MP Liane Den Haan to the occupied territories and her meeting with the “Minister of Tourism” Fikri Ataoglou, Tatar claimed that malicious attacks were made against Haan that even reached the point where racist, inhuman and outdated mentality of the “Greek Cypriot administration”, which tries to obstruct the international relations of the pseudo-state and to stifle its voice.

“The TRNC, which is the result of the will and sovereignty of the Turkish Cypriot people, will certainly continue its international relations and absolutely no force will be able to prevent this,” he said, calling on the Greek Cypriot side to end its actions. “contain racism and hostility, respect human rights and respond positively to the Turkish Cypriot side's calls for an agreement.”

Source: 24h.com.cy

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