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These are the changes in the plan for electricity from RES

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 Αυτές εΙναι οι αλλαγές στο σχέδιο &gamma ια ηλεκτρισμo απo ΑΠΕ

The Council of Ministers, during yesterday's session, approved the amendment of the existing “Plan for Electricity Production from Renewable Energy Sources for Self-Consumption”, which expires on March 31, 2023, according to an announcement by the Ministry of Energy, Trade and Industry (YEEB ). As stated, the amended Plan will enter into force from April 1, 2023.

It is noted that the main changes made to the Plan concern four categories. In Category A – Net-Metering, the dimensioning based on the consumption of the serviced premises is abolished for Photovoltaic (PV) systems below 4.16 kW.

It is added that any production surpluses will be carried over to the next billing period, for a total period of 36 months. It is stated that in the last bill of 36 months, any surpluses will be zeroed out.

Regarding Category B – Net-Billing, the sizing of the PV system based on the consumption of the serviced property and any surpluses is abolished production will be carried over to the next billing period, for a total period of 12 months. It is also noted here that in the last bill of the 12 months, any surpluses will be zeroed out.

With regard to Category C – Virtual Net-Metering, wineries are introduced as a new category of beneficiaries, while the limit of installed power for farmers is increased up to 100 kW (from 20 kW that was in the existing Plan).

At the same time, it is mentioned, the creation of Category D – Virtual Net-Billing with a total available power of the Category to be 30 MW. As explained, the maximum power for each photovoltaic system that can be installed within the category is 150 kW per electricity consumption bill and per beneficiary/business. Furthermore, it is stated that in case an energy storage system is installed, the maximum power of each photovoltaic system can rise up to 500 kW.

The announcement states that applications are submitted electronically or at the local Regional Offices of the Distribution System Operator ( DSD – EAC). Those interested can obtain applications in paper form from the DSD-EAC and in electronic form from the EAC website.

It is added that the receipt of applications for Categories A, B, D and E will end on 20 December 2023 or earlier, if the maximum available capacity of each category is reached per year or if the Minister of Energy, Trade and Industry decides otherwise.

It is noted that for more information about the Plan, interested parties are invited to visit website of the Energy Service https://energy.gov.cy/

Source: www.kathimerini.com.cy

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