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These are the demands of the Ukrainians to end the war – What was said in the Istanbul negotiation

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Ukraine has proposed neutrality in exchange for security guarantees, which means it will not join military alliances or host military bases on its territory, Ukraine said in talks with Russia in Istanbul. The proposals will also include a 15-year consultation period on the annexed Crimean regime and could only take effect in the event of a complete ceasefire, negotiators told reporters in Istanbul.

The proposals are the most detailed and specific that Ukraine has published so far.

They also provide security guarantees in accordance with the standards of Article 5 of the NATO military alliance, the collective defense clause. Poland, Israel, Turkey and Canada could be among the possible guarantors of security.

“If we manage to consolidate these basic provisions, and for us this is the most fundamental, then Ukraine will be able to really define its current status as a non-aligned country and as a non-nuclear power in the form of “We will not host foreign bases on our territory, nor will we deploy military units on our territory, and we will not join a military-political alliance,” said negotiator Alexander Chali. “Military exercises on our territory will be carried out with the consent of the guarantor countries.”

There was enough evidence in the current Ukrainian proposals to justify a meeting between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and Russian President Vladimir Putin, Ukrainian negotiators said, adding that they were waiting for a response from Russia.

Ukraine's proposal?

In particular, Turkish journalist Ragip Soylu conveys information about the Ukrainian proposals

1- The guarantors will intervene if Russia attacks after three consultation days. May provide weapons or impose a no-fly zone over Ukraine

2- In return, Ukraine becomes a non-aligned, non-nuclear state, without foreign bases but can join the EU

3 – Ukraine and Russia will discuss the Crimean regime for the next 15 years. Ukraine will not use force to resolve the issue. and Donbass.

How will it be ratified?

5- Ukraine will hold a referendum on the agreement. If the people approve it, then the guarantors will pass it through their individual parliaments.

Source: in.gr

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Source: politis.com.cy

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