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These are the professions that are in demand now

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These are the professions that are in demand now

There is no doubt that in the era of COVID 19, which is closing one year so far, the product distribution sector has expanded, either for food, or for online ordering of clothes, household items, medicines and anything else they can bring us out of our door. Occupations that before the coronavirus were in some demand but in the coronavirus era are in great demand, because consumer habits have changed and are part of everyday life in the era of the pandemic.

On the kariera website of “Φ” and on ergodotisi, the ads for staff search also record the needs of the market. It was found that the profession of distributor, or delivery boy or courier is in great demand. It is a demanding and at the same time difficult profession, as the exposure to risks is continuous and the hours are exhausting. There are over 50 ads for this profession. Catering companies, cafes, restaurants, wholesale and retail, supermarkets for the online store of products, transport companies, import / export companies, are looking for distributors. Qualified qualification to drive a car or motorcycle if it is a food distribution. The ads do not mention the salary the employee will receive, but what is usually stated is flexible working hours, free staff meal during the shift.

Until recently, trade union representation of employees in distribution services was limited, and even today the rights of distributors are not fully guaranteed. Delivery has its own unwritten operating rules. Professional distributors have learned to work in specific ways. They have also been the most unjust category of professionals for many years, so one must be aware of their problems. All time classic delivery foods (pizzas, skewers, grilled chickens and hamburgers), but also well-cooked or gourmet food (more and more good restaurants add to their service menu and delivery) is a delicious luxury just a phone call away, but someone has to carry it.

In Cyprus, thousands of people work in the service of distributing products, mainly food. Most of them belong to the age group 18-25. The majority are young foreigners who are in Cyprus with various qualities. To work as a distributor, one must have the necessary driving license and be over 18 years old. The transport vehicle must have a registration certificate, as well as have an insurance policy in case of a road accident. The hours are extremely difficult, as they are not continuous and usually exceed eight hours.

Couriers in cases of retail trade lockdown are called to replace employees. Even when the stores opened, online orders are not absent. The sharp rise in e-commerce orders and other services is forcing people to work in the red in a pandemic.

Demand in the forex sector

One of the professions that is still in demand is in the forex sector, which has not been affected by the epidemic. More than 260 ads are looking for the right staff, mainly in Limassol and much less in other cities. For the majority of the ads, full-time employment is offered, salary is not usually mentioned and when it is mentioned it is from € 20,000 per year or more. It is interesting what professions the sector demands. From the ads it seems that there is a need for employees to staff the secretarial support of companies, people related to customer service, IT managers, analysts, accountants and economists, risk managers, marketing and public relations.

Cooks and confectioners

In the coronavirus era there is an increased demand for cooks in restaurant chains or restaurants, confectioners and bakery workers. From the survey, most positions are for full-time and few for part-time. For most positions the annual salary is not available and where mentioned it is from € 10,000 to € 20,000.

Digital marketing

The market seems to be opening up to digital marketing and the search for the right staff has begun. The search shows that a company wants a digital marketing executive, e-commerce salesperson, social media and digital marketing professor, e-mail campaign manager, social media manager. Most vacancies are for full time and most of the ads do not mention the annual salary. Where it is mentioned it is for a few cases up to € 10,000, the next category is up to € 20,000 and minimal ads offer for the positions an annual salary of up to € 30,000.


There were over 260 ads last week for the IT sector and most are full time. The positions are for software development, networking engineer, senior network engineer, IT project manager, account manager, IT support specialist, cyber security engineer, data manager. Annual earnings are not available on most ads. In the existing cases it is from € 20,000 to € 30,000 and from € 30,000 and above.


Under the financial and financial section there are over 300 positions related to the specialty of accountant, assistant financial director, credit risk advisor, economists, financial analysts, assistant audit director. Most of the ads are full time and for most the annual earnings are not available. In the cases mentioned, the annual earnings are up to € 20,000 and € 30,000.

Store clerk

One of the professions in demand, based on the number of ads, is the store manager or employee. More than 130 positions were posted last week and concerned a customer service officer in bakeries, a supermarket clerk (cold cuts and cheese department), a fish market clerk, cashiers in stores. Most ads do not mention the annual salary. In the cases listed it is up to € 10,000 or from € 10,000 to € 20,000.

Source: www.philenews.com

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