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These signs are often found between two great loves!

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These signs are often found between two great loves!

For them it is rather common

For some, falling in love with more than one person at a time is a fairly common situation. After all, parallel love is an experience that has inspired musicians, writers and TV series creators for many years.

As for the zodiac signs, for some this is completely impossible, such as Taurus or Scorpio who usually invest their energy in one person at a time and will not let it go easily out of their lives. But there are some signs that are very likely to have a double love life. Below, we present the 3 most prevalent, ie those that are most likely to give their heart to two people at the same time.


The depiction of Gemini with two little people looking in opposite directions indicates that there are at least two sides to their personality. Gemini, as a sign of the air, chooses to explore many parallel relationships because each one gives him the opportunity to highlight different aspects of himself. For example, one relationship may help him to dive deeper and explore his inner selves, while the other may be ideal for exposing his most superficial and extroverted side. And while this kind of double expression can lead someone else to collapse, Gemini finds that it keeps his interest alive!


Libra is ruled by Aphrodite and everything in his life revolves around sensuality, romance, charm and the most refined things in life. He is great in relationships and companionship and will do everything he can to make his partner feel special. He has a lot of love to offer and often finds himself in love with more than one person. After all, he is an air sign, so it is natural for him to flirt and he has the ability to easily charm others. Often, when two people offer his attention, he can not resist surrendering to both. The disadvantage; He is too indecisive. Thus, while a Gemini may feel fine with simultaneous love for two people, Libra will be tormented a lot to choose.


A Pisces can fall in love with almost anyone he meets. It is dominated by Poseidon, the planet of dreams, illusions and imagination. It is very easy for this zodiac sign to feel romantic in every meeting it will have with an attractive stranger. For example, he may go to the same bar all the time because he has convinced himself that the cute bartender is his soulmate and will become the perfect match, even if he never happened to exchange a conversation with him. As Pisces is fully in tune with their emotions, they are willing to explore deeper emotional connections with many people at once. That is why two people will fall in love with great ease. But at the same time, they tend to stay in love for a long time. They are also likely to fall in love with a new person while still in love with their ex.

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