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Thessaloniki: A dangerous bomb was contained in a file in the Courthouse – Neutralized by the Authorities

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Θεσσαλονκη: ΕπικΙνδυνη βoμβα περιεΙχε φΑκελ&omicron ς στο Δικαστικo Μeγαρο – Εξουδε&tau

The suspicious file sent to the Thessaloniki Courthouse contained a dangerous explosive device.

The file was intended for the president of Appeals of Thessaloniki

strong> as soon as the suspicious content was noticed, the Authorities were immediately informed and the Courts were evacuated.

The envelope was trapped and would explode as soon as the recipient opened it.

The envelope contained capable of killing an amount of gelato dynamite. The experienced police officers of the Explosive Device Disposal Department proceeded to neutralize the bomb.

The Director of Security, Giorgos Tzimas, was also present at the Courthouse.

source: CNN Greece

Source: 24h.com.cy

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