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Thessaloniki: What the doctor who suffered a stroke due to overwork complains – “They consider us expendable”

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Θεσσαλονκη: Τι καταγγeλλει η γιατρoς που υπe&sigma τη εγκεφαλικo λoγω υπερκoπωσησ ; «Μας θεωροyν αναλoσιμους»

The news that an anesthesiologist at the “Papanikolou” hospital in Thessaloniki is hospitalized after suffering a stroke due to work burnout is causing a sensation and the over-attendance due to the lack of medical staff.

More specifically, as described in Politic.gr by the Secondary Curator of Anesthesiology, Ms. Ioanna Dimitropoulouwho is hospitalized to this day “I was on duty on Friday 12/01 and on the morning of Saturday 13/01 at about 8:15 at the end of the shift I felt an intense numbness. My colleagues immediately rushed and took me for examination. Then it was found that I had a stroke'. As she complains: “previously I worked endless hours without a break and in particular I was in the operating rooms continuously from 8 am to 10 pm”.

According to the anesthesiologist: “as of February, 5 anesthesiologists remain because one more will undergo surgery and go on sick leave… The problem with anesthesiologists must be solved immediately and urgently…They are in danger patients' lives but now ours as well. Unfortunately it seems they consider us expendable!“.

“My case is not the only one”

According to the anesthesiologist, her case is not the only one, it just got publicity because it happened inside the hospital. As he describes“in mid-October, an anesthesiologist went on sick leave with a serious eye problem. Also at the end of December another fell in her house after an exhausting shift, broke her arm and had surgery and now I had a stroke”.

The anesthesiologist Ioanna Dimitropoulou clearly states that she will take legal action because “for so many months now we have been begging for the recruitment of medical staff, we are calling every day but no one is listening”. in-23-organic-positions” class=”wp-block-heading”>In “Papanikolau” there are seven anesthesiologists left in 23 organic positions

It is noted that the president of POEDIN , Mihalis Giannakos complains that “at the Papanikolaou Hospital of Thessaloniki there are seven anesthesiologists left in 23 organic positions of anesthesiologists. Some of them face health problems and leave them behind so as not to miss sick leave. Four operating theaters out of the 11 developed at the hospital are in operation. We have waiting lists for surgery that exceed two years. Even for serious cardiac surgery cases” he concluded.

source: politico.gr/Report by Christos Filippoudis

Source: 24h.com.cy

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