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They advertise in Forbes the beauties of “B. Of Cyprus “!

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They advertise in Forbes the beauties of

The well-known Forbes magazine, based in New Jersey, USA and with millions of readers around the world, publishes on its website a strange text by a well-known colleague, which includes occupied Cyprus in the five most attractive coastal areas in which its readers for residence or retirement abroad, without any reference to the Republic of Cyprus as the only recognized state in Cyprus.

In fact, the author of the article, Kathleen Peddicord, names Northern Cyprus the occupied ones! The article reveals, among other things, the consolidation of the de facto division and the conspicuous part of the international community, which ignores the historical data and is easily deceived by at least untold stories. Nowhere in the article is the Turkish invasion, occupation and exploitation of Greek Cypriot property mentioned, nor is the Republic of Cyprus mentioned as the only legally recognized state in Cyprus. However, doubts are raised as to whether the author of the article (who is a collaborator of Forbes and not a member of the editorial team) fell victim to misinformation or ignorance, as she appears on the internet as one of the most experienced and well-traveled editors of travel-investment reports!


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“F” contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and asked if he was aware of the article and what actions were taken by him to inform the well-known magazine with great influence internationally. The information given to us by the ministry is that they have become aware of the publication and are taking “appropriate” steps and actions, as in other similar cases in the past.


Source: www.philenews.com

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