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They are late, but expect a good agreement between OAU and hospitals

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A good agreement is expected by the Health Insurance Organization (OHI) and private hospitals, after the decision taken by the Organization's Board of Directors to extend the consultations between the two sides, so that all the answers to the questions posed by the hospitals about the relevant sentence.

Although pressure was exerted both by the Ministry of Health and by the Parliament, as well as by other bodies, for a final proposal by January 1, the OAU considers that an agreement may be possible by the end of the month, while on the other hand , the Pancypriot Association of Private Hospitals (PASIN) sees March as a milestone for the consultations.

It should be recalled that the OAU had prepared a proposal for incentives and criteria for compensations related to the degree of patient satisfaction with the services that the hospital will provide, the number of difficult cases they will undertake, the provision of specialized services and the number of elderly care. Also, for the correct coding and correct updating of the patients' medical file.

What is expected to be put before PASIN are the numbers on how hospital fees will be affected according to these criteria. Of course, at the same time, they are discussing the possibility that, in addition to the PASIN Board of Directors, representatives of the affected hospitals will also participate in the relevant consultations.

As he said  while speaking to REPORTER  the president of PASIN Marios Karaiskakis, after they were given the framework of the agreement, questions were raised and they are asking for answers from the OAU, while in the next few days they are expected to hold a wide meeting. “The broad meeting will either take place between the management of PASIN, or with all the hospitals  in a larger meeting, to explain some parameters before reaching the final text. We want to have clean, transparent and clear contracts for everyone”.

For the creation of an agreement framework that will be fair for everyone, Mr. Karaiskakis noted that they are not worried about time, “but we want to have a proper consultation, rather than making hasty decisions. We came under a lot of pressure to finish the consultations early. If we do it in haste it will mean that important parameters will be missing which will create various problems later on. Our goal is not to argue and create tensions, since one of the reasons why the OAU delayed is because of the situations that preceded the Board of Directors of the Organization regarding the irreconcilability”.

This text they will reach, according to Mr. Karaiskakis, will constitute an agreement that will accompany the hospitals in the coming years. “If we make it as good and as fair as it can be, then we will have a better framework for agreements with hospitals to be based on. The meetings will be held to define the criteria as well as the weight of the relevant criteria. We should do a simulation, depending on the hospital, depending on whether, that is, it is big or small. Perhaps the agreement, again, will be an experimental stage for two to three years and other elements may then be added. This will be seen along the way,” he said.

The bottom line, as PASIN's president finally said, is to work quietly, but also to do the best for everyone.

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Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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