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They are looking for a life preserver for tourism in free Famagusta

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& nbsp & nbspNatasa Christoforou & nbsp; & nbsp;

Enumerating the huge consequences in free Famagusta, from the loss of the Russian market, which would bring more than 800 thousand tourists to the region this year, its tourism operators, requested immediate actions from the Government, in order to cover part of the damage. & Nbsp;

In a wide-ranging special meeting organized on Friday afternoon in Ayia Napa, PASYXE Famagusta, Minister of Transport and Deputy Minister of Tourism, was invited to prepare an action plan, in order to draw tourists from other countries. markets and on the other hand to financially support the owners of hotels and premises that will not be able to open or will be damaged. & nbsp;

According to the president of PASYXE Famagusta, Doros Takkas, the requested assistance is based on three pillars. “The first concerns the financial support that must be requested from the EU, the second pillar in special measures that the Government must take for free Famagusta, so that we do not have hotel bankruptcies and the third concerns the Ministry of Tourism, which was requested a dynamic campaign in other markets, so we can fill the gap. “& nbsp;

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The mayor of Ayia Napa said that without the support of the Government, the region will not be able to withstand a third bad year. “We call on the Government to immediately take the appropriate measures to support the entire province, which will have to deal with chain effects. We will see companies suspending their operations and going bankrupt “, warned Christos Zannetos. & nbsp;

Among the special measures requested are relaxations in the loan obligations of tourism professionals and special incentives for airlines and tour operators. & Nbsp;

According to the Deputy Minister of Tourism, the actions will focus on ten markets, the United Kingdom, Israel, Germany, Poland, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France, Sweden and Hungary, countries which have increased flights to Cyprus. There will be simultaneous actions in Saudi Arabia and Belgium, which have a smaller number of flights to and from Larnaca Airport. & Nbsp;

“We will do everything we can to alleviate the situation, but we will it is impossible to fully make up for these losses “, clarified Savvas Perdios, noting that the requests for financial support of the tourism industry of the region will be transferred to other competent Ministries. “The message I want to give to the region is that the ministry will stand by them, as it did during the pandemic,” said Transport Minister Giannis Karousos. , stated that all the suggestions of the hoteliers association will be evaluated. “We also analyzed some of the ideas that we have and will take action, as far as possible, & nbsp; in order to make up for some losses, by establishing an air connection with other countries. We have been working hard for days now to prepare suggestions “. & Nbsp;

Source: www.philenews.com

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