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They are looking for the anti- Annita

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They are looking for the anti- Annita

Frixos Dalitis

He defined the landscape and threw down the gauntlet with an open invitation to all political forces to cooperate for the election of the first woman Speaker of Parliament, announcing the candidacy of Annita Dimitriou. A “choice with special symbolism”, as he said in the announcement of the name of his party MP, which, as he said, is an option that has all the conditions to be voted by the vast majority.

The president of DISY with his statement the day before yesterday for a “clear proposal with a clean face” who will be the party's candidate until the end, had essentially prescribed the course of yesterday's announcement. Yesterday morning, Averof Neophytou and the party leadership crossed the threshold of the Presidential Palace, where they met with President Anastasiadis and government ministers, as part of the established Friday morning coffee, where as part of the general discussion of all current issues. reference was made to the issue of the Presidency of the Parliament, where the decision of the party leadership was announced to initially nominate Annita Dimitriou for Speaker of the Parliament in the Politburo of the party.


Annita Dimitriou elected by DISY for Speaker of Parliament Annita Dimitriou: I accept the proposal with a sense of responsibility

The position of the Government from the beginning was that the issue is clearly about the party and the final decision was theirs. The common line between the Government and Pindar from the beginning was that the issue of the Presidency of the Parliament should be left out of bargains and transactions. The meeting was attended by DISY, President Averof Neophytou and the Vice President of the party Haris Georgiadis and on behalf of the Government, in addition to the President of the Republic, were present Foreign Minister Nikos Christodoulidis, Finance Minister Konstantinos Petridis and N. .

Subsequently, Averof Neophytou and Haris Georgiadis returned to the party's offices for the meeting of the Executive Office, where the proposal that the party president would take to the Politburo as authorized on Monday was officially announced. There, Annita Dimitriou herself was informed about the proposal of Averof Neophytos to propose her to the Politburo as the first woman candidate in the House of Representatives. The proposal was universally accepted and as we are informed with great warmth by both the members of the Executive and the members of the Politburo of the party. What was emphasized during the session was that Annita Dimitriou had all the elements that a candidacy presupposes that can gather wider support. A clean person, who is respected and appreciated in general. After the universal acceptance of the support of the candidacy of Annita Dimitriou, the president of the party Averof Neophytou, officially proceeded to announce her name, praising her work and personality in Parliament. “The political system must take the expectations of the people seriously. “Clear conversations, clear proposals, clean faces, away from transactions and bargains”, was the statement of Averof Neophytos, indicating that the Presidency of the Parliament is a very important institution of the Republic, both symbolically and essentially. He not only directs the work of the House but also replaces the President of the Republic “. Averof Neophytou threw down the gauntlet to the other parties to go too far. “The democratic right of each party to claim the Presidency of the Parliament is absolutely respected. The same is respected and logical that this applies to the largest party in Parliament. “The Democratic Alarm will have its own candidacy for the position of President of the Parliament until the end”, he stated, making special reference to the “strong symbolism” of the candidacy of Annita Dimitriou. “Since the founding of the Republic of Cyprus, there has been no female Speaker of Parliament, although 50% of the electorate are women. In the recent elections, only 8 women have been elected to parliament. “So the time has come for us all to break another stereotype,” he said, adding that the Democratic Alarm is proposing Ms. Annita Dimitriou for the post of Speaker of Parliament. “Twice first Larnaca MP and first Pancyprian in percentage of votes. A young woman, capable of being a parliamentarian, whose diligence, composition and ethos are unquestionable “.

“Mrs. Annita Dimitriou can worthily symbolize the new era in Parliament and be a model for greater representation of women in public. “I call on all parties to make a positive contribution to the election of the first woman Speaker of the Cypriot Parliament, showing that our political system listens to the messages of the times and changes with actions,” he concluded.

Congratulations from the President

The President of the Republic, Nikos Anastasiadis, as reported by our information, contacted Annita Dimitriou by phone, conveying his congratulations on the fact that she is the first woman candidate for the Presidency of the Parliament.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikos Christodoulidis, answering a relevant question during his statements to RIK, characterized as a “very good choice” the decision of DISY to put Annita Dimitriou before the Parliament for the presidency of the Legislative Body. He also noted the result of the last parliamentary elections and the votes collected by Ms. Dimitriou.

“I share my candidacy with all women”

With the hundreds of thousands of women in Cyprus, she stated that she shares her candidacy for the Presidency of the Parliament, the first pan-Cypriot DISY MP Annita Dimitriou in a percentage of preferred crosses. The announcement of the candidacy is a historic moment and a milestone in the history of the Republic of Cyprus, as she is the first woman to claim the second rank of the Republic of Cyprus. A decision, which as she mentioned in her first statements, is a big step for the practical support of equality in Cyprus.

Excited, Annita Dimitriou expressed her thanks both publicly and in person to the president of the party Averof Neophytou, for the honor to her face. “The proposal made to me by the President of the party is very honorable and I thank him as well as the Politburo of the Democratic Alarm that adopted it, from the bottom of my heart,” said Annita Dimitriou in her statement. “This candidacy does not belong only to me. “I share it with the hundreds of thousands of women in our Cyprus who have been under-represented in the decision-making centers of our country for decades, despite the steps taken in the right direction in recent years,” she said.

The first woman candidate for the Presidency of the Parliament stressed that “it is a big step for the practical support of equality in our country. A positive example of the transition to a society of equal opportunities, in which every woman can believe in herself and her potential. “With a special sense of responsibility, I accept the proposal”, concluded Ms. Dimitriou.

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