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They are looking for the wrong invalid warrants

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They are looking for the wrong invalid warrants

A special committee of lawyers and others was set up by the Chief of Police to study the recent annulment decisions of the Supreme Court, in relation to search or arrest warrants or court orders.

The Supreme Court annulled the cancellation decisions, culminating in the cancellation of the search warrant in the woman's house in relation to the parody account in the name of the Minister of Justice Emily Giolitis, alarmed the Police Chief Stelios Papatheodorou, who decided to study all of them. The purpose, as the press spokesman of the Police, Christos Andreou, stated yesterday in “F”, is to study all the cases for which there was a cancellation, search warrants and arrests, in order to give guidelines to the investigators who submit such requests to the court.

In addition to canceling the parody search warrant, the Supreme Court last Friday also overturned the arrest warrant for a doctor investigating a case of indecent assault on a woman. It was preceded by the cancellation of the arrest warrant of the Israeli Sahak Avni as well as the double cancellations of the bank account disclosure orders issued by a court for all commercial banks and concerning the closed haircut period in 2013.

Mr. Andreou stressed that the decisions of the Courts are taken seriously and where mistakes and omissions are found, corrective actions are made so that they are not repeated. He stressed that dozens of search and arrest warrants are issued daily and based on the study that will be done by the special Committee, guidelines will be issued to the first line investigators in order to avoid these mistakes. The police spokesman reiterated that these errors may be formal and not substantive, such as a reference to an old article of legislation that has been repealed or changed.

Regarding the case with the parody account on twitter, Mr. Andreou stated that the investigations of the Police are continuing and “if it is found that a mistake was made in the handling, we will apologize”. The relevant file that will be formed will be forwarded to the Legal Service for instructions, taking into account the desire of the Minister of Justice not to be prosecuted.

Source: www.philenews.com

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