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They are looking to find solutions to understaffing in the wake of the backlash

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In the wake of what has seen the light in the last few days, and the reactions brought about by the publication of the photo of an elderly woman, who was left naked in a hospital bed, as well as other complaints that describe the situation that prevails in the public hospitals of our country, for once again, the nursing staff and the State Health Services Organization (OKYpY), are sitting at the dialogue table.

In a new scheduled meeting, on Friday morning, the unions of the nursing staff, PASYNO and PASYDY, will once again raise the burning issue of hospital understaffing before OKYPY, with today's meeting being judged as decisive.

< p>Of course, it is not the first time that the issue has troubled both sides, since in an attempt to find a solution to one of the biggest problems facing the country's health system, there had been previous separate meetings between the directorates, the heads of departments of all hospitals and representatives of the Organization, in order to record the number of needs.

At the last meeting, there were largely convocations, however disagreements were also recorded, which are expected to be discussed today, with the nurses believing that now is the time to show patients that by staffing all departments, they will not there are now excuses for the poor in public hospitals.

As the President of the PASYDY Nursing Branch, Prodromos Argyridis, told the REPORTER, there were disagreements regarding the non-clinical area, that is, the outpatient clinics, the special departments, for some departments of the Makarei hospital and the other major disagreement concerned, difficulty to immediately replace those who have left the service, but also the long-term maternity and sick leaves.

“If there is no convergence on these issues, at least a timetable should be given by the Organization  about when the replacement of retired personnel will begin, since they have not replaced personnel for two years,” he explained.

However, Mr. Argyridis  expects that the meeting will have a positive result, due to what has been happening lately because as he said, “we will have to show the citizens that what they see the light of day does not make us proud and that the right staffing will resolve many chain problems that concern hospitals”.

The general secretary of PASYNO, Panagiotis Georgiou, has a smaller basket for what will be discussed during the meeting, since he does not feel optimistic about the results of the meeting. “We should look again at all the issues on which disagreements were expressed and the golden ratio should be found. At least on the matter of staff resignations.  We should move forward with the issues we have agreed on”, he said.

He added that now OKYpY must realize that there must be an end to the issue of understaffing so that the hospitals can get a better image and perspective.

However, whatever the outcome of today's meeting will be, the positive thing is that both the Organization and the nursing staff are making superhuman efforts, through meetings, to solve the problems presented and spoiling the image of public hospitals.

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Source: www.reporter.com.cy

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