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They are packing their bags but there are many open fronts at AEK

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 Ετοιμàζουν β&alpha ;λτσελυπρνπολλανοι ;τμτωα σην ΑΕΚThey count backwards in AEK for the team's departure to the Netherlands, where it will carry out the main stage of its preparation (26/06-07/07). Today, Monday (18:15) the traditional consecration will take place at

The issues with Pons and Tongia are pending, while Cabrera's case is different, since the 24-year-old Argentine striker is believed to wear the yellow-green jersey sooner or later. As things stand so far, without the official announcement of Cabrera's acquisition, the Larnaca team can only make three transfers of foreign and community footballers over the age of 23 (list A).

List A of the runners-up, excluding Pons, includes Alomerovic, Enriques, Milisevic, Garcia, Sanchez, Ekpolo, Ledes, Kaptum, Santos, Diemers, Giurzo, Gama, Farage and Sol. That is, 14 of the 17 available positions are already closed.

Based on the team's current competitive needs (AEK needs reinforcements on the left end of the defense, in the midfielders and in the attack), and with the scenario the release of one of the players in question seems remote, it is considered certain that Roca is also looking for talented players from the B list, i.e. under the age of 22, as he did last year with the cases of Diunku and Tongia, which worked out perfectly for him.

The technical director of AEK is fighting for at least one addition before the departure of the team to the Netherlands or for the acquisition of a footballer who can catch up with an important part of the preparation, in order to be ready for the first European games.< /p>

Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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