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They are setting up a game with 14 teams and they will serve it to us as legal

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They are setting up a game with 14 teams and they will serve it to us as legal

Undoing themselves for the umpteenth time, several players in Cypriot football are paving the way for a change in the league announcement by canceling the provision for the relegation of four teams, two at the end of the regular season and two through the playoffs.

This is a project that we have seen over and over again in previous years and now, using the pandemic as an excuse, the agents are trying to bring it back to our screens, ignoring the fact that last May when they threw black in the league they promised that next year ( 2021-2022) the championship would be held with 12 teams.

Here is what the announcement of KOP on 15/5/2020 said, informing about the suspension of the championship due to the pandemic: “The Cyta A 'Division 2021-2022 football championship will be held with the participation of 12 teams. For the implementation of the above, there will be a relegation of 4 teams from the A 'Division to the B' with the end of the football season 2020-2021 and there will normally be an increase of only 2 teams from the B 'Division to the A'. The members of the board they promised that they will not return a suggestion for an increase of the teams in the First Division from 12 to 14 for the football season 2021-2022 “.

The information is increasing in the last days that this commitment will go for a walk, since most of the teams are cultivating the ground to form the necessary majority to pass the proposal from the board of directors of the KOP for holding the next championship with 14 teams. According to their new plan, there will be no relegation of two teams with the completion of the regular duration of this year's marathon and eight teams will participate in the second group instead of six (as provided), of which the last two will be relegated to the Second Category. .

Arguing that the league is not being played on equal terms due to the pandemic, a number of players are trying to change the rules of the game in the middle of the year and their plan is reportedly going great!

They set up a game that will be served to us as legal with the signature of the board. As if they did not know last year when they promised that the pandemic would not disappear and consequently that they were likely to find difficulties in their path.

Their excuse seems very cheap. How much do they care, however, that their new well-made prank will further crumple the image of the league and seriously damage its credibility. Their cooking is paramount. To cut and sew the championship to their own measures.

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Source: gipedo.politis.com.cy

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