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They are testing endurance and reactions for the Presidential

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The name of the deputy president of DIKO Christiana Erotokritou is now officially on the table of discussions for the presidential elections and the cooperation between the two major opposition parties. Attention is now focused on the next meeting that the leaders of the two parties will have and during which it is expected that Stefanos Stefanou and Nikolas Papadopoulos will now enter the depths of the discussions. & Nbsp;

This afternoon, the AKEL Politburo is meeting, where it is expected that the developments around the name of Christiana Erotokritou will be discussed, which has been put forward as a proposal by DIKO. The members of the Politburo will, as it is estimated, ask Stefanos Stefanou for an update on the developments in general and as to whether there was just a fire survey for Christiana's name, or whether her name was officially put on the table. In this case, what should be the reaction of AKEL in the next meeting of the secretary general should be discussed. of the party with the president of DIKO. In other words, whether he will respond positively to the prospect of discussing the name of Christiana Erotokritos as a possible candidate for the collaboration, what conditions he will set or whether he will eventually propose another name for discussion. In any case, the common assessment of both sides is how if no common ground emerges from the next session, which has not yet been settled, then each side will go its own way, seeking each party the best possible choice for the same on the way to the presidential elections of 2023.


Nikola's candidacy for AKEL The next one is crucial tet-a-tet Stefanou – Nikola

Today the secretary general of AKEL will have a meeting with the president of DIPA Mario Karoyan, in the context of the contacts made with the opposition parties, with whom he will discuss the issue of the presidential elections.

From DIKO's point of view, it is now clear that the name of Christiana Erotokritou is officially on the table. A move made by Nikola Papadopoulos sending the message that he wants to save the effort to achieve cooperation between the two major opposition parties. & Nbsp;

Speaking yesterday on “Politis” radio, DIKO MP Christos Senekis said that the move to put the name of Christiana Erotokritou in the spotlight is a last-ditch effort to avoid the looming swamp. He stated that the issue will be discussed in the Central Committee of DIKO, and stated that the party is disappointed with the initial rejection by AKEL of the president of their party, whom the DIKO congress proposed as the most suitable candidate for the On his part, Neoklis Silikiotis, speaking on the same show, stated that he avoided mentioning the possibility of cooperation with a candidate for the vice president of DIKO, saying that the consultations with DIKO are at a sensitive point. and the leaks do not help their smooth continuation. & nbsp;

EDEK: They request a conference with a clean register of members & nbsp;

The Initiative Group for Salvation and Reorganization of EDEK invites EDEK to go to a conference with a clean Register of Members. In a statement Wednesday, the group said it was forced to return and call on Marinos Sizopoulos to “come to his senses” and “assume his responsibilities,” since, as they say, “he shows neither the time nor the opportunities provided to him.” “The group calls on Mr. Sizopoulos to” proceed to the minimum required to stop the slump “and more specifically, according to the same, to restore the Register of Members of the party “by removing those he has illegally added and restoring those he has arbitrarily removed and, on the basis of this register, to convene a democratic congress that will lead EDEK to the new course”.

“Only in this way will we reverse the catastrophic slip and restore unity and democratic functioning in EDEK,” the group said in a statement.

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