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They asked for information from America about Giannakis

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They asked for information from America about Giannakis

Michalis Hadjivasilis

The Cypriot authorities have sent a request to the American authorities to assist in connection with the investigation against the resigned Volunteer Commissioner Giannis Giannakis.

At the same time, the documents requested by the Police, both by the Cyprus Youth Organization and by the Ministry of Education, have been received.

The actions taken with America concern the university from which Mr. Giannakis is said to have graduated, however, for the Audit Service, a forgery was probably committed here as well as with the high school diploma.

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The Auditor General in his letter – complaint to the Chief of Police, cites information stating that the two applications submitted to ONEK and are in the personal file of Mr. Giannakis (in relation to the duration of his studies at the university) are not compatible with each other, since according to the first application his study lasted from 1985 to 1992, while according to the second application, from 8/1984 to 5/1989. Moreover, according to his CV, his studies lasted from 1986 to 1992.

Information is now being sought from the University of San Diego in California for Mr. Giannakis to attend to clarify the matter.

At the same time, yesterday, the Youth Organization and the Ministry of Education provided the information requested by the Police regarding Mr. Giannakis. ONEK handed over the relevant file that it maintains and in which his degree and diploma are deposited, while the ministry granted his diploma. His real diplomas will be examined with the ones he submitted for recruitment to the Organization, in order to see if the crime of forgery was committed.

The Audit Service also provided information to the police investigators, after an officer gave her a statement and cited the documents and everything she knows about the case. Police are investigating the offenses related to securing registration with false representations, forgery and circulation of a forged document. As it is known, in the high school diploma of Mr. Giannakis that was submitted to the Youth Organization, the general grade seems to have been altered, as well as grades in courses, but not the numbers that are written in full.

It is noted that next week, Mr. Giannakis will be called to give explanations and present his own version of the whole issue that led to his resignation.

Source: www.philenews.com

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