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They buried a study with criteria for T/C properties

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A study conducted almost six years ago, in which criteria for the disposal of Turkish Cypriot assets were proposed, was thrown in the trash, in the sense that while it could improve concession procedures, it was not used. Since then, to this day, high-value commercial stores are still available, which give the opportunity to question the intentions of the competent service and its officials or the state itself, even if the decisions are justified.

The latest example of a dispute is the commercial stores provided by the Turkish Cypriot Property Management Service in the center of Paphos, even overturning the recommendations of the advisory committee in 8 of the 17 cases, as acknowledged by the Management Service itself or in 11 as claimed by Paphos Mayor Faidonas , who spoke to millionaires, factory owners or even people with party backs who eventually ended up in the sought-after stores.

The mayor of Paphos suggested before the parliamentary Committee for Refugees that the location of the shops should be regulated by drawing lots among the refugees who meet the criteria, so as not to create suspicions that party or personal or other factors enter the disposal of Turkish Cypriot property. Alternatively, it was suggested that an auction be held among the beneficiaries, in order to ensure the most revenue for the state. & Nbsp; p>As it was said, both the deputy director of the Service before the parliamentary Refugee Committee, where the issue was discussed, and later by the Minister of Interior Nikos Nouris, criteria are being prepared which will be submitted to the Parliament in a few weeks.

But what did the former director of the Service, Makis Economidis, suggest in his detailed report in which he analyzed in a scientific way the management of Turkish Cypriot assets and which could be implemented or differentiated a few weeks after its elaboration? In the chapter of the report entitled “Operational objectives and measures for setting quantitative and qualitative criteria”, under the heading “General Principles on Set Criteria”, the following are listed:

– The fact that the supply of assets compared to demand, requires the evaluation, valuation, ranking and ranking of stakeholders. In particular, the value of the occupied property and the assistance already offered is considered to be of major importance, both by the T/C Property Management Service and by the Care Service or through other programs.

The following is a suggestion under the heading “Exclusions and Conditions” which also include the following:

»Holder of agricultural land is excluded from possession of professional housing and vice versa.

occupation is related to agriculture/livestock.

“Immigration is a sufficient reason for recovery (of Turkish Cypriot property). whose annual family income exceeds the amount of € 50,000.

»No concession of agricultural land other than 10 hectares of dry land and 2 hectares of irrigated land. The only exceptions are in the case of abandoned areas, and where there is no demand from beneficiaries.

The concession of a Turkish Cypriot home is granted exclusively as a permanent residence (permanent residence).

His intervention in television stations reiterated yesterday that in a few weeks new criteria for the disposal of Turkish Cypriot property will be submitted. He also said that the current regulations do not meet. He also pointed out that every year the budget of the Turkish Cypriot Property Fund is in deficit by about € 8 million, because rents are degradingly low. Regarding the study, Maki Economidis acknowledged that it was prepared six years ago, however, criticizing the Parliament, which did not discuss it before.

Source: www.philenews.com

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