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They called the Republic of Cyprus “Greek administration of southern Cyprus” – The Palestinians retracted and apologized

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Αποκαλεσαν την Κυπριακor Δημοκρατiα «Ελληνικ δοκτηικπ»–  ακλεαιαογηκνοι λαιστλνιοι

The announcement by the office of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas caused strong reactionsin which reference was made to the Republic of Cyprus as “Greek administration of southern Cyprus”. Afterwards, however, the Palestinian Ambassador attributed the report to a wrong translation and information indicates that there was also an apology.

Initially, an official announcement was issued by the office of the Palestinian President in which they expressed thanks to a total of eight European Union countries for their decision to recognize the Palestinian state as independent. Among these countries was Cyprus, however, it was referred to as the “Greek administration of southern Cyprus”.

Attari: Mishandling of the translation

Subsequently, the Palestinian Ambassador in Nicosia, Abdallah Attari, attributed the reference to a telegram from the Palestinian News Agency to a mishandling of the translation from the Arabic language.

The Palestinian Ambassador, in his statement to RIK, emphasized that in the presidency's document in the Arabic language it clearly refers to Cyprus and cannot understand how this was translated as “Greek Administration of Southern Cyprus”, by the Palestinian agency.

The correction

The correction

The correction


It should be noted that the original text stated: “It is worth noting that eight members of the European Union already recognize Palestine, namely Bulgaria, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Hungary, the Greek administration of southern Cyprus and Sweden”.

Immediately after the announcement was issued by the Palestinian Authority, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs was alerted and diplomatic steps were taken to vary the announcement.< /strong>

According to information, in fact, there is said to have been an apology from the special office of the Palestinian President to the representative of the Republic of Cyprus to the United Nations.

The text was corrected several hours later and the announcement now refers to the Republic of Cyprus as Cyprus.

Source: www.philenews.com

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